Where to Get Cheap Health Insurance?

There is currently an estimated 28 million people going without health insurance. There are many reasons as to why go without coverage; costs, no value, lost it, etc,. However, the most common reasons are the costs and people seeing no point in the service. The whole belief of going uninsured is in the hope you don’t get injured or sick, ever. This way of thinking is problematic, though.

You can’t control how other people take care of themselves nor their actions. Their mistake can result in your trauma, which is why it’s important to be prepared for these occasions. Luckily, health care providers are starting to take notice to these problems. Insurance Line One starts services at a measly five dollars a day. This is already vastly lower than the nationwide averages for coverage. Nonetheless, you need to understand what you are acquiring before you actually start making a decision.

What to Look for In Health Insurance?

When you start your search for health insurance it can be daunting. Whether you are looking online for a provider or scanning the streets on foot, the factors and policies presented can cause confusion. Taking it one step at a time is the best way to accomplish this goal, though. Two of the biggest aspects you need to be aware of are the type of “metal” you choose and how high your deductible is.

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The Type of “Metal” Chosen

There are many ways to determine how much you pay a month, but the main factor deciding how much you pay is the type of “metal” chosen. You have four available options to pick from: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. As you go further in glamour, the more you will pay in monthly premiums. Although, with every drawback you receive another benefit. Even though you are paying more you will receive a higher assistance rate, resulting in you paying less out-of-pocket.

When you have health insurance there are two ways to pay for medical services; your health insurance or your own money. After you have health insurance you will receive a packet telling you how much you will need to spend of your money. This is usually in percentage form or a flat fee. Out-of-pocket spending will go toward your deductible.

For instance, a bronze package is the first in line for options. It’s usually reserved for people with little medical conditions and want to spend the least in monthly premiums. You’ll have to forfeit an estimated 388 dollars every month for up to 60 percent of your medical bill to be dropped. Granted, this might not be the number you were looking for. Silver may be closer to what you are looking for; most people choose this plan.

Silver plans will cost somewhere around 428 dollars a month to have up to 70 percent of the bill covered. To have up to 80 percent paid off by your provider, you’ll need to spend an estimated 507 dollars a month on a gold plan. Finally, there is the platinum service, which is usually chosen by people with heavy medical problems, frequently visit the ER and/or acquire expensive medication to survive.

This is why you’ll have up to 90 percent of the bill covered, but at a monthly premium around 583 dollars. There is also a plentiful amount of medical facilities willing to cover all the costs when you have health insurance. Altogether, health insurance will be able to reduce your bill by more than half. However, there is a slight drawback; fulfilling your deductible.

What Does A Deductible Do?

A deductible is a set amount you need to pay every year. Your annual deductible can vary in price depending on the type of “metal” you choose. For instance, a bronze package is going to have a much higher deductible because of the lower premium associated with it. A platinum package is going to have a much smaller deductible comparably, because of the high premiums it needs.

Once your deductible is covered, you will start to see the full benefits health insurance has to offer. This isn’t to say you won’t obtain any assistance from you provider. There are many situations where you will still receive a discount on the costs. Preventative care is one of these situations. You need vaccinations to stay healthy and avoid any potential illnesses from attacking you.

You don’t want to develop an illness only to go to the hospital and spend hundreds of dollars on recovery. In addition to preventative care, you will also be given a discount on your medications. However, you are going to need to look at your formulary in order to identify what tier your medication is in.

These tiers were made by healthcare providers, but they are managed by professionals in the medical field. The tiers are there to help providers determine a price for each drug. Depending on the tier of your medication you can spend as little as a few cents, or a little over hundred. Nonetheless, health insurance is an essential service in the modern world.

Finding the Best Health Care Provider

Health insurance is here to help during stressful times, not steal as much money as they can. However, there are some businesses with the goal of restraining as much help as possible. Insurance Line One wants to change this practice, which is why we start our services at a low price of 150 dollars a month.

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Furthermore, looking through our services you will notice how accurately arranged they are. Avoiding any confusion while you read our packages is our main mission. We don’t want you to be confused while making a decision, resulting in you paying hundreds, maybe even thousands more than necessary. Our year-round open enrollment will allow you to take as much time as you need making decisions.






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