Where to Find Affordable Health Insurance?

Health insurance has become such a major part in our lives, going without is unheard of and risky when done. Many of the people who complain about health insurance actually cite the high costs as to why they are ignoring this service. Considering at least 50 percent of the uninsured population make less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level—currently, around 24,000 dollars a year—it’s understandable to see why this problem persists.

This is 14 million men, women and children going without health insurance because they just can’t justify this service. Luckily, there are health care providers with the goal of providing quality service at a reasonable price. Insurance Line One starts services at a low price of five dollars a day. No one should be denied coverage just because they are making lower wages than others. However, trying to find these health insurance packages can be confusing.

Places With Available Health Insurance Packages

When you start your search for health insurance there are a multitude of places to find them. Thanks to the advancements of technology we are now able to look through our phones to find the perfect plan for ourselves. However, trying to determine who is the best health care provider can be difficult to identify.

Many of these companies have varying rules and obstacles in place. Comparing each package to each other will help you determine which suits you best. However, understanding your behaviors will make it easier to find health insurance. As you scour the internet for something perfect to your life you will need to understand what is being presented to you.

What to Look for in Health Insurance?

As you scan the internet for the perfect health insurance package, you might notice there are various factors going into how much you pay and who you see. One of the main identifiers for how much you pay is the type of “metal” you choose. These “metals” identify how much you’ll pay in monthly premiums and in out-of-pocket spending. The further you go in glamour, the more you’ll have to pay in premiums, but less out-of-pocket.


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For instance, bronze is one of the first “metals” offered and it’s usually chosen by people who want to save the most money in monthly premiums. You’ll only need to spend an estimated 388 dollars to have up to 60 percent of your medical covered. The need for surgery on a broken arm can cost 16,000 dollars without health insurance. But, with it’s assistance it will only cost you 6,400 dollars. Granted, this might not be the most pleasing number to see when you need aid. Thankfully, there are still three others options to pick from.

Silver plans are next in line, costing somewhere around 428 dollars a month for an assistance rate around 70 percent. To have up to 80 percent of the bill covered you’ll need to spend around 507 dollars a month on a gold plan. Platinum services is the last choice you can pick. Typically, people who want a platinum service are experiencing heavy medical conditions, frequently see the ER, and/or regularly fill their expensive medication.

You’ll be able to have up to 90 percent of you medical charges dropped, but you’ll need to spend around 583 dollars every month to acquire this. The broken arm you experience will be reduced to a measly 1,600 dollars. Furthermore, there are even sporadic locations with the ability to completely cover the costs, but you still need health insurance to have this benefit. Altogether, health insurance can half your bill, but you might need to fulfill your deductible before you start seeing all of the benefits coverage provides.

Do I Need to Pay All of My Deductible?

Many health insurance packages have a deductible and the amount you have to fulfill is determined by the type of “metal” you choose, in most cases. The higher the luxury, the less you’ll have to pay in your deductible. For instance, a bronze package is going to have a much higher deductible than a platinum service. You are already paying for a high monthly premium, which acts as a balance against the deductible.

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Since you are paying more for the treatments you need in premiums, your deductible will be reduced. In addition to this, there are certain cases where you don’t need to completely pay off your deductible in order to receive benefits. Preventative care, such as vaccines, will be covered as soon as your health insurance package is in effect. Birth control is another service capable of having the price reduced, but it depends on the type you get.

Finally, you will also receive medication discounts, but it depends on the tier of the drug. Looking through the formulary sent to you after you signed up, you will see where each medication is placed into. Typically, tier 1 is based on a rate, while tiers 2 and 3 are based on a copay and coinsurance policy. Your deductible will slowly be completed when you pay for these medications, among other medical procedures.

Who Has Affordable Health Insurance?

Trying to find the right health care provider can be an arduous process with little reward in the end when done inefficiently. While there is many health insurance companies wanting to help you, many will try and place obstacles in their policies to restrain themselves from assisting you as much. To deal with this constant problem Insurance Line One has laid out everything they provide into a simplified format for easy readability.

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Confusion can result in you choosing something not truly beneficial to you and/or having to pay hundreds, maybe even thousands more than you anticipated. Insurance Line One starts our services off at a measly 150 dollars a month to create as many openings for people in under resourced areas. Additionally, you will be able to take as long as you want making a decision because of our year-round open enrollment.





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