Where Can I Find Cheap Prescription Drug Coverage?

Millions of people now have health insurance because of the advancements made to make health insurance a more affordable service for everyone. Currently, an estimated 9 percent of Americans are going without health insurance and there are many reasons for this problem to persist. At least 45 percent of the uninsured cite the high costs of coverage, while 23 percent lost employer coverage and another estimated 5 percent just don’t see the vaue of the service.

Unfortunately, this type of thinking leads to various tribulations you’ll have to face. Luckily, Insurance Line One provides service at a low price of 5 dollars a day. Partnering with a reputable healthcare provider will make your life easier and safer. As a matter of fact, going uninsured can actually be more detrimental to your health than going without coverage.

Problems Going Without Health Insurance

For many people going without health insurance they have to search for the right medical facility willing to take them and offer them a reasonable price for recovery. The problem with this is many doctors will charge anywhere from 150 dollars to 300 dollars for even one consultation. The inclusion of other treatments, like medication and exams, is not even added to this costly bill. This is in the hopes you actually have a usual source of care to go to, which an estimated 40 percent do not.

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Not having a regular place to go makes it harder for you to receive the care you need. The lack of someone there to work on you just means you are going to push off treatment until it’s too far gone. This can result in you spending thousands of dollars more on care because your condition only worsened. Of course, you could be part of the 20 percent who still delay a needed medical treatment because they can’t afford it.

This can be the difference in payin 2,500 dollars for a broken arm and 16,000 dollars for surgery to fix the arm. Granted, not everyone has to deal with a broken arm, but many people do have to deal with medication in someway. Whether it’s for pneumonia or to stabilize your mental condition, medication is used by almost everyone.

However, without health insurance this can be costly for you, which is what an estimated 18 percent of uninsured people think. These people will delay refilling their medication and ration what they have so they don’t have to forfeit hundreds, maybe even thousands on medication they need to survive. Fortunately, many of the improvements we’ve recently had toward medication and those with mental problems are because of the Affordable Care Act.

Did the Affordable Care Act Help?

After the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010 it led to various implementations. One of the most prominent policies is the fact health insurance companies can no longer deny someone because of a metal disorder. They now have to treat mental health the same way as general care. This opened up new possibilities for many people who are considered to have a pre-exisitng condition, like bipolar disorder. They can now afford the medication they need to survive and live a pleasant life.

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Furthermore, families are now able to keep their children on their plan until the age of 26. Making the health insurance packages more reasonable for adults getting there feet wet, as well as help them save some money. Families are also able to have all of their children insured for only the price of three.

Before, families with many children had to struggle trying to figure out how to pay for everyone’s coverage. This caused rifts between marriages and contemplation on who needs health insurance the most. Many families even had to make sacrifices on other services because of the outrageously high costs. Now, families with more than three children can insure all of them for the price of three, as long as the three oldest are under the age of 20.

For instance, John and Jane Doe have four children; 20, 16, 14, 10. They will only have to pay for their three oldest while the fourth is added at no additional charge. However, if we look at Juan and Juanita Doe, who also have four children—22, 17, 12, 11—they’ll have to pay for all four of them. Their oldest is past the cut-off age for familial help, but he can stay on the plan until he’s 26.

Despite all of these beneficial policies, the enactment of the bill slowly rose the prices of monthly premiums. Four years after the bill was signed people saw their premiums rise between 56 percent and 63 percent. This is why the majority of the uninsured are low-income residents; they couldn’t adjust themselves financially for this shift. However, the lack of resources can be the main cause for this lack of understanding of what health insurance actually is. Nonetheless, there are health insurance companies wanting to aid you as much as possible.

Picking the Best Healthcare Provider

Scrolling through online you will notice how many insurance companies are trying to push their service on you. Each package is different and when you start comparing them to other companies it can be headache-inducing. Fortunately, this doesn’t need to be the case when you are with someone reputable from the beginning. Insurance Line One doesn’t just start our services at 150 dollars a month.

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Creating every opportunity for you to succeed is only possible if we give you the resources to do so. To manage this we have carefully cataloged our list of services in a simplified index for you to read. This prevents any confusion from arising during a crucial decision-making point. Furthermore, our year-round open enrollment will allow you to apply whenever you feel ready.

Life can get hectic at times, and errands and deadlines can cause you to forget other important needs. You shouldn’t be denied because you missed the deadline or didn’t know one even existed. Contact us now to learn more about our services or for a consultation on a potential package.



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