What is the Best Affordable Health Insurance?

Currently, there’s an estimated 28 million Americans going without health insurance. Around 10.3 percent of the nation are choosing to avoid the many benefits of health insurance and this will only cause more problems for them down the road. Although, with 50 percent of the uninsured population making less than 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level—presently, it’s around 24,000 dollars a year—it’s understandable to see why so many are ignoring coverage.

Actually, 63 percent of the uninsured are worried about paying for normal care. Costs are a huge factor in people’s decision-making process and it’s easy to see. Money controls most of the world and with so many people making lower than they need to survive, there needs to be a way to balance it out. Insurance Line One starts services at a reasonable price of five dollars a day. Ignoring this service may seem like it’s better, but it’s not.

What’s the Purpose of Health Insurance?

Health insurance has been able to evolve since its first creation decades ago. However, this heightened need for this service is mainly because of the high medical costs facilities charge when you go for care. One visit to the doctor while being uninsured is reported to range between 100 dollars and 300 dollars. Health insurance is here to help you pay off these costs without needing to pick up another job to survive.

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When you subscribe to this service you are placing money into a giant pool. Your monthly premiums and deductible payments all go into this communal pond. This is why it’s important to have as many people signed up as possible. When everyone is subscribed to this service it helps balance out the marketplace. A constant fluctuation would constantly occur in the four years before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed. Millions of people were frustrated with this rollercoaster of price, which led to many dropping the service or just flat-out ignoring it.

After ACA was enacted, millions of Americans signed on to have coverage. Now, when they get sick they can just turn to their provider to receive the assistance they deserve; compared to the 23 percent of uninsured people who delay seeing a doctor because of the costs. Delaying a visit will only cause your symptoms to intensify, and, thus, your condition too. However, you might be part of the 49 percent of uninsured people who don’t have a regular source of care.

Many of the people who are going uninsured don’t see the value of coverage, because they think they can just go through life without injury or sickness. But, this isn’t reality; people make errors resulting in your trauma. Although, when you have health insurance you are more likely to receive check-ups, resulting in a regular place to go to for care. Furthermore, when you look at the price of coverage and compare it to what you receive you will see it’s truly worth it.

Nationwide Average for Health Insurance Prices

When looking at health care options there are many factors to be aware of, but the most important one is the type of “metal” you choose. These “metals” will determine how much you pay in monthly premiums as well as how much you spend out-of-pocket. Furthermore, when you go up in glamour with these “metals” you are also increasing the amount you pay in premiums, but you’ll also receive a higher assistance rate.

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For instance, bronze is the first package available and is usually taken by people with little medical concerns. These people save the most in monthly premiums since it’s the lowest price tag available. For an estimated premium of 388 dollars a month you’ll receive 60 percent support from your provider. Granted, this might not be what you are looking for. Thus, people choose a silver plan because of its low cost but decent aid rate.

You’ll need to spend around 428 dollars a month to have 70 percent of your bill covered. To have up to 80 percent covered, you’ll need to forfeit around 507 dollars a month for a gold plan. The crown jewel known as platinum services, are for people with heavy medical conditions and/or frequently pickup expensive medication needed to survive. You’ll need to drop around 583 dollars a month, but you’ll have up to 90 percent of your charges waived. Altogether, health insurance is capable of reducing your total bill by more than half.

Will I Save Money Going Uninsured?

There is a heavy majority of people who believe they will save money by not going uninsured. However, this is with the hope you never get sick or injured, or get caught going unprotected. This is not aligned with the reality we live in; accidents can happen at random and without you knowing. When you are prepared for these situations you will be able to pay it off easily.

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For instance, a trip to the floor can easily result in a broken leg for you. When you have health insurance, this won’t be a worry, but without it you will have a hard time. A low end estimate for surgery requires you to spend 17,000 dollars; at most, 35,000 dollars. In addition to this medical charge, you will be fined by the government. The government noticed the plight facing many people unprotected, which led to the passing of ACA.

However, within the many positive rules it placed, there was a penalty included to incentivize more people to obtain this needed service. The worst part is the government will pick the most expensive option of the two. Either, 2.5 percent of last year’s annual salary or 695 dollars per person without coverage. The belief you will be saving money going uninsured is not a trustworthy idea to practice.

Who Should I Buy Health Insurance From?

There are many options out there when it comes to health insurance. The slight differences between each package makes it so hard to identify what exactly you want. To simplify this process, Insurance Line One started arranging all of the available services in a simplified format for easy readability. You don’t want to be confused while making a decision, because it can result in you spending hundreds, maybe even thousands, more than you anticipated.

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Our services may start at a low price of 150 dollars a month, but it doesn’t mean you should be careless here. Additionally, our year-round open enrollment allows you to take as much time as you need making a decision. A rushed decision is not what you should be doing when this is capable of controlling who you see and how much it’ll cost; choose wisely.





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