What is Self-Employed Health Insurance?

Health insurance has evolved over the years into a needed service. When you subscribe to this service, your monthly premium is placed in a pool of money where everyone on this service can pull out of. This allows people with frequent medical needs to afford their medication and treatments to keep them alive. When more people are on this service the rates will balance out more, creating a stable price for the marketplace.

However, not everyone can see the benefits of health insurance, especially when you can’t acquire through your employer. There are millions of people in the United States who can’t afford many of the health insurance packages out there. Luckily, Insurance Line One providers people with exceptional service at a low price of 150 dollars a month. Going forward, it’s better to be insured than to go around unprotected, particularly when you are self-employed.

Are You Self-Employed or a Small Business?

Before you can start searching for health insurance plans you need to establish where you get your income and what you are. You might be part of the majority of the population who works for a company, but not everyone follows this norm. There are people who work by themselves, either as a small company or self-employed. The main difference health insurance companies look for is the amount of people working in the business.

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Typically, being self-employed means you do all the work yourself and take in most of the revenue. However, if you even have one employee or an employer you will most likely register as a small company. Small companies don’t receive the same benefits of those who are self-employed, such as the premium tax credits many receive. This frees up any anxiety being experienced about how you are going to pay for all of your necessities.

You are already having to run a business, which takes almost up all of your time, there’s no reason to include additional worries. It’s important to mention some of the requirements of receiving these type of benefits. The first one is how many employees exist in the company, if there’s even one more than yourself you will most likely need to apply as a small business. However, whether or not your partner’s employer can cover you is another important factor.

If your partner can cover you in their service plan then you will not be able to qualify for those premium tax credits. Since you have the option to acquire this service through another platform you don’t need to scavenge for the best one you can find. However, this doesn’t mean you should just go uninsured because you can’t afford these services. There are actual problems with going uninsured, capable of harming you physically and financially.

Who Are the Uninsured?

The current amount of people going without health insurance is 9 percent of the country’s population. This means millions of people are vulnerable to bankruptcy were they to need healthcare services. However, this is with the hope they actually have a source of care there. At least 45 percent of the national uninsured community doesn’t have a usual source of care. Without a place to go, many people try and push out their sickness or try to bare the pain caused from an injury.

All this does is make the problem worse, though. Nevertheless, many of the uninsured won’t even see a doctor if they do have some place to go. 23 percent of people will delay a trip to the doctor because of the costs. Another 20 percent will push needed medical treatment off because they couldn’t afford it when it was first mentioned. This can be a life-or-death situation for many of these people, but without the proper facilities available they are left to squander.

You might even be one of these people, but it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You are part of the 63 percent who worry about paying their medical bill in the end. However, you shouldn’t have to worry when you are partnered with the right healthcare provider. Additionally, going uninsured isn’t guaranteed to save you money, it’s actually more likely you’ll spend thousands more than necessary.

Will Going Uninsured Cost More?

Many people believe they don’t need health insurance because they live a safe and clean enough life. However, this isn’t taking into affect other people aren’t as observant or care as much about theirs. This is why accidents happen at random and you get sick out of nowhere. When you are placed in this position, especially when you weren’t planning for this, can be devastating to deal with.

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You have to first recover from your trauma then pay-off the costs for something you wanted no part of. Something as simple as a fractured or broken wrist, finger or arm can cost you a low-end estimate around 2,500 dollars. Were you to need surgery the price will shoot up to a low-end estimate of 16,000 dollars. Considering at least 50 percent of the uninsured population make less than 24,000 dollars, this would be nearly impossible for many to pay.

Despite this, were you on a health insurance package you will be able to have the price reduced anywhere from 60 to 90 percent. Additionally, going uninsured won’t save you money—were you caught. The government placed a penalty on everyone who is caught without health insurance. The government will force you to pay the most expensive option of the two offered. Either, 2.5 percent of last year’s annual salary or 695 dollars per person uninsured. Thankfully, you won’t have to deal with this since you’ll have a trusting healthcare provider on your side.

Choosing the Right Healthcare Provider

Trying to decide on the right healthcare provider can be a difficult task to accomplish. There is a variety of different plans out there for you to choose from, but they all seem to have hidden policies preventing them from assisting you as much. Insurance Line One wants to change the way this is done. We don’t just offer affordable pricings for our services, we’ve also simplified your decision-making process.

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We’ve carefully organized our list of services into a simplified format. This prevents any confusion from rising because you didn’t completely understand what was being shown to you. Our year-round open enrollment policy allows everyone to take as much time as they need making a decision. No one should be denied coverage because of a deadline when health insurance is a crucial part of our life.






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