Self-Employed Health Insurance Rates

Being a self-employed businessman can have many benefits. You receive premium tax credits and assistance from the government to make it easier to afford health insurance. Health insurance companies will also lower their rates to accommodate your needs. Unfortunately, there is still a good amount of people who don’t see the value of health insurance or can’t afford it. Currently, the United States has a 9 percent uninsured population.

This leaves millions of people vulnerable to the harsh world of medical debt. Luckily, there are healthcare providers starting their services at a low price of 150 dollars a month. This opens up all kinds of opportunities for people making much less than the median. With at least 50 percent of the uninsured population making less than 24,000 dollars—which is 200 percent of the federal poverty level—this allows many who are uninsured to justify this much-needed service. After all, going uninsured is much more dangerous than actually having the service.

The Dangers of Going Uninsured

There are many reasons to not go uninsured; the main rationale is how much it costs to get treatment. At least 63 percent of the uninsured population is worried about paying for normal care costs. This is a stark difference between the estimated 26 percent amount of insured who have this worry. This anxiety from paying medical charges can be attributed to a variety of different factors and causes other problems.

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With at least 50 percent of the uninsured population making less than 24,000 dollars this is understandable. Something as minute as a broken arm needing surgery can cost you anywhere from 2,500 dollars to 16,000 dollars. This is almost as much as people make in a year, which is why 63 percent have this worry. Not paying this bill in time can turn into mounds of medical debt, as well. This debt can then be sent to collections, which will harm your credit score.

Even if you were to pay off this medical debt after a couple months, your credit score won’t immediately return to normal. You’ll need to spend the next couple months trying to bring your score back to its healthy weight. However, all of this is in the hope you actually find someone to treat you. An estimated 45 percent of the uninsured don’t have a usual source of care. This prevents them from receiving treatment right away, which will only worsen your condition.

Even if you do have a regular place for care, you might be part of the 23 percent who delay a visit to the doctor for a consultation, or the 20 percent who postpone a needed medical treatment because of the costs. Doing this won’t help you in anyway, but cause you to pay more in the end and elongate your pain. Fortunately, there are powerful health insurance packages out there for people who are self-employed.

Are There Benefits to Self-Employed Health Insurance?

Being self-employed gives you a variety of different freedoms; making your own schedule, what you decide to work on and assistance for health insurance packages. Being self-employed is already a difficult situation to be in. You have to understand every aspect of your business, while maintaining high-quality content. Going uninsured will only make this worse, because you will be anxious about having to pay astronomically high medical costs.

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Fortunately, finding the best healthcare provider is much easier than you thought. You just need to understand your own lifestyle and what is suitable for you. Were you the type to want a plan costing the least in monthly premiums, but helps with a decent amount of medical costs, then a bronze plan will be for you. You’ll spend an estimated 388 dollars a month to have up to 60 percent of your bill covered. Thankfully, being self-employed opens you up to government assistance, meaning you can pay much less than the nationwide average.

Understandably, there are going to be people who will want a higher assistance rate. Thankfully, there are three other options when it comes to the available “metals”; silver, gold and platinum. Silver plans will help you with 70 percent of the bill, but you’ll need to spend an estimated 428 dollars a month. To have 80 percent of the medical bill covered you’ll need to forfeit an estimated 507 dollars each month.

Finally, platinum services are for those with heavy medical needs and frequently pick-up expensive medication. This is why it costs an average of 583 dollars each month to have up to 90 percent of your bill covered. Altogether, health insurance will reduce the price by more than half. Additionally, self-employed healthcare packages are customizable to what you want, but you need a proper healthcare provider to achieve this.

Choosing the Best Health Insurance

Health insurance has become a staple in the modern-world and it’s easy to comprehend why. As normal medical services started to increase in price, it was only natural for a helpful to come along. Health insurance is here to help you in your finances, not bleed you dry. It’s one of the main goals at Insurance Line One, and it’s why we start our services at a low price of 150 dollars.

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We understand how expensive other companies charge their services for and we want to alter the way health insurance is seen. Providing excellent service is one of our key characteristics. To show this we’ve carefully organized all of our list of services into a simplified format to read. This prevents any confusion from arising, or purchasing a service out of your income level. Furthermore, we will also allow you to take as much time as you need while making a decision.

This choice is going to be affecting who you see and how much you pay when you see them, it’s important to be vigilant when making a decision. One small err can result in you spending hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars more than necessary. Through our year-round open enrollment policy you will be able to meticulously read everything we’ve laid out to affirm you are obtaining the right package.



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