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When people hear about health insurance many people think it’s a luxurious service only the wealthy can afford. This is understandable to comprehend when you realize almost 50 percent of the uninsured population makes less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level, which is currently around 24,000 dollars. However, health insurance is an incredibly beneficial service capable of making your life easier than it’s been before.

Fortunately, there are still health care providers with the goal of providing you with high-quality assistance at a reasonable price. Insurance Line One has services starting at a measly price of five dollars a day. Not being able to acquire the medication you need or a procedure capable of keeping you alive because you don’t make enough money shouldn’t be such common practice. This is one of the reasons why health insurance is so important, today. The risks associated with going uninsured far outweigh the drawbacks of actually having the service.

Dangers of Going Uninsured

Presently, around 10 percent of the population is going without health insurance. This is an estimated 28 million men, women and children vulnerable to the high costs of medical services just to recover. Around 63 percent of the uninsured population are worried how they are going to pay-off their bills for just normal care. This can be as simple as routine check-up or a physical. But, with prices being too high for many of these people they have to figure out what sacrifices they are going to make to get care.

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A calculated 23 percent of the uninsured will postpone a visit to the doctor because they can’t afford the costs to see them. It’s been reported seeing a doctor can cost you anywhere from 100 to 300 dollars. This doesn’t include any of the potential tests and medications you’ll need, which can shoot the price up several notches. Without health insurance this can start to cost more than you make in a year.

This is the reason 20 percent of the uninsured population delay a procedure they need because they don’t have enough financing. Doing this can be the difference between paying a 2,500 dollar bill and a 16,000 dollar one for a broken arm or 30,000 dollars and 200,000 dollars for heart attack recovery. Additionally, people who need to take medication to stay alive or remain stable are less likely to pick up their prescriptions because of the cost.

Affordable Medication for Mental Conditions

An estimated 18 percent of the uninsured will not pick up their medication in time or ration what they have to save a little more money. Unfortunately, this is just a fraction of the amount of people with mental conditions who actually acquire the drugs they need. There is an estimated 40 million people who are living with some form of mental condition. This is the same amount of people who live in ten states and the District of Columbia.

Additionally, the third most common reason for people to be hospitalized is from mood disorder episodes. Mood disorders can encompass a variety of different diseases, such as bipolar disorder and major depression. Without health insurance on your side you will be forced to spend thousands of dollars on a one-night stay in a hospital. Hopefully, you’ll only be there for one day, because the average amount it costs for a night stay in the hospital can range between 1,500 dollars and 3,200 dollars.

Although, you want to get treatment before you need to go to the hospital for this episode, which won’t be possible if you don’t have all the resources you need. This is one of the reasons why 56 percent of the people with mental conditions don’t get the care they deserve. Whether it’s because the resources aren’t there or the cost it too much is up to the patient, but you shouldn’t have to suffer because of it. Nonetheless, you need to be aware of the tribulations ahead of you when you do get coverage.

How Do I Know What Medication is Covered?

Many people think health insurance is a catch-all medical service where you won’t have to pay for anything medical, but this is just a myth being propagated. Health insurance plans have policies in place to decide what will be covered and what won’t be. It’s vital you understand these statements so you don’t end up picking a plan not suitable for your lifestyle. To identify which medications are covered you’ll need to look at the formulary health care providers gift you with.

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A formulary, also known as a drug list, lets you know which prescriptions will be discounted. To simplify this process, though, health insurance companies have created a tier system to distinguish the difference between the hundreds of drugs out there. There are four main tiers and as you go up in number you’ll end up spending more money.

For instance, tier one is also known as the preferred generic or generic drugs. These are the cheapest medications you’ll receive, averaging around 20 dollars in copays. Next is tier two, which is filled with preferred brand drugs and costly generic brands. These drugs are estimated to be around 40 dollars. Going up to tier three you will need to spend around 60 dollars for medication. This is because these are brand name drugs with no generic substitute.

Finally, tier four drugs are the most expensive remedies. These are reserved for more extreme disease and problems, such as cancer. Chemotherapy is a common form of tier four drugs, which is why these can cost more than 100 dollars in copays. However, without health insurance these drugs can reach astronomically high prices. Thankfully, there are reputable providers out there wanting to work with you.

Picking the Best Health Care Provider

Going without health insurance might not be most the common practice, but there’s still enough people to concern communities. When more people are on health insurance it balances out the marketplace and is capable of reducing your monthly premiums. In addition to this, Insurance Line One starts services at a reasonably low price of 150 dollars a month. No one should be denied because they don’t make enough money, nor should they pick something because they didn’t understand it.

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To combat this problem we’ve arranged out list of services in a carefully laid out index to ensure easy readability. Without properly reading what you are getting you can end up spending more than you anticipated. This is one of the reasons why we provide people with year-round open enrollment. You shouldn’t be rushed into making a decision when this is going to be determining who you see and how much you pay.



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