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Health insurance is used to help you pay for your medical bills without needing to go into medical debt. An accumulation of expensive medical debt is actually one of the major reasons for why people file for personal bankruptcy. But, there is still thousands of people choosing to ignore the benefits of health insurance. North Dakota currently has an uninsured rate of around 7 percent, with many suggesting it’s the high costs of coverage preventing them from taking the next step.

However, going uninsured isn’t exactly going to save you money. Depending on the plan you choose you can have 60 percent covered or as much as 90 percent waived off of your original bill. Thankfully, there are health care providers wanting to offer quality care at a reasonable price. Insurance Line One has packages starting at a measly five dollars a day to create as many possibilities for people to acquire this much-needed service.

Biggest Health Concern in North Dakota

North Dakota is no different than any other state, it has its perks but its paralleled with an equal number of drawbacks. One of the biggest concerns the residents have is behavioral and mental health; availability of places to go to, lack of providers, cost and more. It’s been found 31 percent of adults in North Dakota will report having poor mental health at least one day in the past 30.

However, with poor access to places where they can get treatment or someone to talk to many end up self-medicating or having to struggle with their daily life. Continuously pushing off these problems can cause you to miss out on work or social activities. It can even start to affect your family life if left untreated. There’s nothing wrong with having a mental condition; at least 16 percent of adults in North Dakota have some form of one. Although, the main reason for people to avoid getting help is the cost.

But, health insurance will be able to provide you with assistance so you won’t have to struggle to scrape together money for medication or treatment. After all, you don’t want to self-medicate to the point where you are part of the 30 percent in North Dakota binge drinking. Drinking more than four alcoholic drinks in an hour every day can start to deteriorate your health. This will only create more unnecessary financial problems down the line when you can just partner with someone who cares.

How Health Insurance Will Improve Your Life

Living with a hindrance can be difficult, particularly because of how much everything costs. Having to repeatedly pick-up a prescription or meeting with someone to ensure you are fine can start to tack up when uninsured. Insurance Line One is providing people with the chance to get quality care at a low price of five dollars a day. Additionally, you’ll be able to take as long as you want when looking through our carefully arranged list of services because of our year-round open enrollment. Don’t rush into a decision and risk spending more than you should, nor deal with the anxiety of a timeline; take your time and choose something guaranteed to make your life better.


Insurance Line One has an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

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