UnitedHealthcare Launches On-Demand Virtual Visit App for Its Members

New mobile app allows over 27 million Americans access to their health information 24/7, so they can have a more appropriate healthcare experience. They can access healthcare professionals either through a mobile device or their computer. The new app is available on Apple and Android devices and will eventually substitute their Health4Me app.

Currently, millions of Americans have on-demand access to telemedicine services 24/7 via the UnitedHealthcare app. UnitedHealthcare is the nation’s largest health plan with the largest networks and discounts of up to 35%.

Many consumers are embracing telehealth and over 51% of companies are planning to expand into its use to help their employees have convenient access. Also, approximately 39% of Americans say they are interested in using telemedicine. Telehealth will play an important role, especially for individuals with chronic conditions and approximately 20% of Americans living in rural areas where access to healthcare is scarcer – particularly specialty care.

Virtual Visits

Nearly 25% of ER visits are related to conditions that could be addressed with a virtual visit. Virtual care is more affordable – as little as $50 per visit compared to the $740 an emergency room visit could cost. It’s also an alternative way of getting access to healthcare when clinics or facilities in your area are closed. The UnitedHealthcare can be downloaded at no additional charge for either your Android or Apple device if you are among the 27 million people enrolled in UnitedHealthcare job-based health benefit plans.

Virtual visits last approximately 20 minutes where a variety of medical conditions can be diagnosed such as allergies, flu, fevers, colds, and rashes.  Medications can be prescribed and picked up at local pharmacies. You will have access to a physician 24 hours a day. Virtual visits are secure, whether they are made via tablet or mobile device.

App Features

Some of the things the UnitedHealthcare app enables users to do:

  • Access their health plan ID card on their cellphone and email it to the mobile device to the participant’s doctor’s office or hospital.
  • Review and manage drug coverage.
  • Compare care based on the price and quality, including the ability to review data for approximately 800 medical services.
  • Save your favorite care UnitedHealthcare providers as well as claims, notes, and follow-ups.
  • Find physicians, hospitals, and urgent care centers through your GPS functionality – very convenient particularly when you are out of town.
  • Schedule a call with UnitedHealthcare customer service rep with the callback feature to ask any questions or provide you with information about benefits and claims.
  • View your out-of-pocket spending and status of deductible.

Telemedicine is changing how people navigate the health system, making healthcare accessible from virtually anywhere and at any time. The new UnitedHealthcare app is part of their $3 million investment in data, innovation, technology to build a health system that is both more efficient, affordable and convenient.