Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Donating Salad Bars to Schools Across Michigan

Blue Cross just announced they will be donating salad bars to Michigan schools. The schools will get salad bars through a partnership between the United Start Foundation and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM). Since 2015, BCBSM has been supporting 91 salad bars in Michigan schools through the national Salad Bars to Schools initiative, which empowers Michigan students to make healthier choices by allowing them more access to fresh salads.

To accomplish their goal, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is joining forces with local communities and Meijer – a supermarket chain well known for their freshness providing their services in the Midwest.  It’s a collaboration project that will help many people have access to healthier choices and an amazing way to encourage kids to eat healthy foods.

Most of the schools receiving salad bars are already part of the Blue Cross’s Building Healthy Communities program, which provides many resources to schools across Michigan. Kids are empowered to implement behaviors required to stablish a healthy lifestyle and schools can create healthy environments for a healthier future.

There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony held at the Mound Park Elementary School in Warren to celebrate the new salad bars. Blue Cross Blue Shield is proud to continue this collective effort that empowers over 45,000 students in Michigan to live healthier lives.  

According to research by Pew Charitable Trusts, school salad bars are among the most effective intervention and prevention approaches to increasing fruit and vegetable intake. Also, salad bars help school comply the National School Lunch Program’s nutrition requirements, which include offering an assortment of fruits and vegetables options every week.  

BCBSM partnership proves the importance of collaboration with other organizations to help children and offer them healthier choices. Implementing salad bars, in addition to other fresh choices, can impact not only the students, but also their families and the community as they are inspired to eat healthier whether that means shopping at the supermarket, or when dining out.  

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is committed to helping schools stablish healthier environments that will lead to healthier communities. Building Healthy Communities (BHC) is a school-based initiative by BCBSM celebrating their 10th anniversary fighting childhood obesity and creating a healthier school environment in Michigan. The program has helped over 340,000 students statewide and over 750 schools since it first started in 2009.