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Health insurance is an incredibly important utility to have for yourself and your family. Without coverage, you are risking not only your physical and mental well-being but your financial survivability, as well. The average costs for even the simplest treatments can drown people in huge loads of medical debt. Furthermore, when you are stuck with this medical debt it will quickly start to lower your credit score, which will ruin your credibility with other businesses. Unfortunately, for many of the people choosing to go uninsured, the cost is a major factor for them.

It’s understandable to see why an estimated 10 percent of the population in New Mexico do not have coverage when you realize over 19 percent of them are living below the poverty line. Luckily, there are health care providers with the goal of offering quality care at an affordable price. Insurance Line One starts packages off at a measly five dollars a day so everyone will have the possibility to acquire health insurance. This is particularly true for those who’ve lived a much longer life than most.

Health Insurance and the Elderly in New Mexico

Living in New Mexico you are surrounded by a long list of different cultures and activities. However, as you get older your body will slowly start to lose its momentum and consistency. In New Mexico, there won’t be a shortage of people your age; an estimated 17 percent of the population is over the age of 65. Physical activity is important for older people because it keeps you in the right shape and avoids unseemly injuries.

Unfortunately, falls are one of the worst injuries for the elderly because so many don’t regularly exercise and age can cause negative changes in the body. Were you to be a victim of an unfortunate circumstance you would have to spend anywhere from 2,500 dollars to 16,000 dollars for treatment on a broken arm. Of course, you could have a had small stumble and not fully fall, but the little tweak in itself can cause heavy damage to your leg; costing as little as 2,500 dollars or as much as 35,000 dollars for treatment.

You might even be one of the 38 percent of the population who delayed treatment in the past year because the costs were just too much. Pushing off treatment will result in your condition only worsening, thus, increasing the cost of the bill. However, with health insurance, you can have 60 percent covered or as much as 90 percent of the original medical bill waived.

New Mexico’s Best Health Insurance

Health insurance is a vital component to have in the modern world, particularly because of how outrageously expensive so many medical facilities charge for care. Insurance Line One understands this plight, which is why we provide you with packages starting at a low rate of five dollars a day. Suffering from lower wages is already an obstacle in itself, there’s no reason to make your safety cost more than it should.

Additionally, you’ll be able to search through our list of available services and find something guaranteed to work for you. You won’t even have to deal with the headache normally associated with finding a health care provider because we’ve meticulously arranged everything available for you. Our year-round open enrollment will even give you as much time as you need to make a decision, as well as avoid the anxiety of potentially missing the deadline to apply for coverage.


Insurance Line One has an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

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