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Even though New Jersey is one of the smallest states in ways of geography, it is one of the biggest when it comes to population size. With a population of around nine million, you are bound to meet someone new every day. However, with this constant influx of new people comes the hazard of injury or illness. You can’t control how other people behave or take care of themselves, which can result in your trauma at times. It doesn’t help New Jersey has an uninsured rate estimated to be at 10 percent.

With as many as 900,000 men, women and children going uninsured it’s vital there are resources for them to turn to for help. Despite this, costs are one of the biggest deterrents for people from acquiring this much-needed service. This is completely understandable when you realize 11 percent of them live below the Federal Poverty Level, which is estimated to be around 12,000 dollars for a couple. Luckily, Insurance Line One is one of the few health care providers offering reasonable rates for quality care. You’ll be able to have coverage for just five dollars a day. After all, going uninsured isn’t guaranteed to save you money or lead to a better life.

Why Is Health Insurance Important?

One of the key benefits health insurance provides is always having someone to turn to for assistance when it comes to your medical bills. Medical treatments may have advanced in the past decade—which has led to more people surviving their traumas—however, it comes with a heftier price tag now. Without health insurance, you are looking to spend anywhere from 2,500 dollars to 16,000 dollars for a broken arm.

Heart surgery is an even grander and wider range of prices you’ll need to pay; from 30,000 dollars to a staggering 200,000 dollars. Additionally, health insurance will be able to assist you with routine check-ups and getting the care you need to maintain a healthy life. Despite this, health insurance is still not used as much as it should. This can be one of the reasons why 1.4 million people report having to stop their activities or having to restrict them because of their emotional, physical and mental problems.

It can also be the cause for why 990,000 people have reported their physical health not being well or the reason behind the other 990,000 of the population dealing with frequent mental distress. Out of the past 30 days, over 14 of them were not pleasant for these people, and without health insurance, they have no where to turn. You might even be one of these people, but you don’t need to be anymore.

Where is Cheap Health Insurance in New Jersey?

Health insurance is capable of doing wonderful things for you. It provides you with a place to go to and a way to have the price reduced to a fraction of the original. Depending on the plan you choose you can have as much as 90 percent of the bill waived or as little as 60 percent discounted. Insurance Line One wants to make the process of choosing a package a little easier than it presently is.

For one, you’ll be able to seamlessly look through our available products without the hassle of trying to decipher everything. The last thing you should be when making a decision affecting who you see and how much you pay is confused. You’ll be able to take as long as you want to make a decision through our year-round open enrollment policy as well, so you’ll never be rejected because you didn’t know there was a deadline.


Insurance Line One has an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

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