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There are many reasons for people to file for bankruptcy in the United States, but the most common example provided when applying is because of medical costs from an injury or illness. These charges can be because of a traumatic fall, development of cancer or even stabilizing your mood disorder. Nevada is no different than any other state in the nation when it comes to why people file for bankruptcy. It doesn’t help an estimated 15 percent of the population live in poverty, as well.

This causes many people to forgo health insurance and live a life uninsured. However, 12 percent of people living in Nevada are only risking their physical safety and financial standing. Luckily, there are health care providers wanting to give you quality care at an affordable price. Insurance Line One starts services off at a low rate of five dollars a day so everyone can justify this much-needed service. After all, it’s not recommended to continue this risky behavior, particularly for those with a mental condition.

Living With a Mental Condition in Nevada

For a majority of the country, and the state, people with mental disorders are seen as different or “have problems only in their head.” The stigma behind mental illnesses causes many of those afflicted with it to deny who they are and causes society to care less about them. Nevada is one of the worst-ranked states in the nation when it comes to how much they spend per capita on behavioral health expenditures.

While the country has a national average of spending 121 dollars per person, Nevada spends an estimated lowly 68 dollars for resources. This gap in assistance for those needing mental health services is most prominent in the state’s southern areas, where only 24 percent of the population is being served. People are expected to pay more for care in Nevada than most of its neighboring states, and being uninsured only makes these costs higher.

To soothe the problems affecting many of these people, they turn to self-medication; specifically alcohol. Binge drinking is the act of having more than five drinks in an hour, which is most commonly done by people who are uninsured. Doing this will only worsen your mental afflictions, as well as cause major physical obstacles over time. Health insurance is capable of immediately discounting your medication when you are in need of it; avoiding the thousand dollar trip to the ER because of an episode.

Cheap Health Insurance in Nevada Guaranteed to Help

Health insurance is capable of doing wonderful things for you, but you first need to pick the right package for you and your family. Depending on the plan you choose you can have as much as 90 percent of the bill waived or as little as 60 percent covered. Altogether, health insurance will reduce the price by more than half. Insurance Line One wants to make sure you have the possibility to acquire this utility, which is why we start our prices at five dollars a day.

Additionally, you’ll be able to seamlessly look through our available products without the headache normally associated when finding affordable health insurance in Nevada. This decision is going to be affecting who you see and how much you pay, it’s vital we provide you with the proper resources to make a solid decision. Our year-round open enrollment will even allow you to take as much time as you need to choose a plan, as well as avoid the anxiety of having to follow a rigid timeline.


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