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California is home to many internationally famed characteristics; constant beautiful weather, Disneyland, happy people and having a historically low uninsured rate. It’s recently been reported only 7.4 percent of people are uninsured, and with a population of 39.54 million people, it’s quite an impressive feat for 36.64 million people to possess health insurance. The state attributes this accomplishment to the passing of the Affordable Care Act.

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The bill made health insurance more affordable for people, as well as more of a reason to actually acquire the service. Placing a cap on how much you will pay out-of-pocket, you are less likely to go bankrupt or live paycheck-to-paycheck. You’ll also be more likely to visit the doctor when you know the high medical costs are covered. While 7,350 dollars may seem like a lot of money you can possibly spend in a year, it’s better than dropping tens of thousands because of one accident since you were uninsured.

After all, most of the people who report avoiding the doctor because of high costs are those who are uninsured. It’s the reason why 29 percent of people don’t have health insurance, but this needs to change. Certain health insurance companies have seen the err in this and have made catalogs in an effort to change this. Considering how much it’ll cost you to go uninsured, it’ll be better to be safe than wait until it’s too late.

Costs of Medical Treatments in California

As with everything else in life, where you live regulates how much you spend on what. Medical services are no different than renting an apartment or buying gas. Living in California, things are naturally going to be more expensive. Comparatively, accidents and diseases don’t discriminate nor are they planned, making them sporadic dangers to live with. Some of the most common accidents are broken bones, specifically the wrist or hand.

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Using our arms for everything it’s only natural they’d get damaged sooner or later. Were you to need treatment for a fracture or dislocation in the Inland Empire, you’d only need to pay an estimated 50 dollars because of your health insurance. Even if you lived in the more expensive West Los Angeles county, you’d have to pay an estimated cost of 77 dollars. A high end estimate out-of-pocket bill for this kind of service will still result in spending only 538 dollars. However, were you to not have health insurance, recovery from this injury can run you a whopping 3,000 dollars. Nonetheless, this may seem like a rather small cost to pay for recovery for some people. Unfortunately, some people have to deal with more severe traumas compared to others.

Heart disease is the biggest generator of death in the state of California, as well as the nation. 60,299 lives may have been lost in 2014, but surviving a heart attack is incredibly possible. The problem is the costs incurred from recovering from the hospital. Once again, looking at the Inland Empire you’ll see an estimated total cost of 532 dollars because of health insurance. Studying the Central San Joaquin county, you’ll see a much cheaper price tag of 75 dollars.

While these prices are vastly different, the transition in price between those insured and uninsured is palpable. Paying completely out-of-pocket would require a forfeiture of at least 19,106 dollars or a high end estimation of 81,600 dollars. Considering half of the population who are uninsured make less than 50,000 a year, this would bankrupt them or cause financial calamity for the family.

Understanding Health Insurance Packages

Health insurance packages can be pricey at times, especially in the state of California. Nevertheless, understanding how they function will help you make a decision and benefit you. The two main characteristics of health insurance is the type of “metal” you choose and the service plan you pick. There are four “metals” for you to pick from; bronze, silver, gold and platinum. These metals determine how much you will spend out-of-pocket and on monthly premiums.

For example, the national average for a bronze plan is 388 dollars a month; silver is 428 dollars; gold requires 507 dollars a month; and platinum requests 583 dollars of your finances each month. As you pay more in monthly premiums, the less you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket. With an out-of-pocket cap of 7,350 dollars for individuals and 14,700 dollars for families, people with bronze plans are more likely to pay the full cap.

Your service plan will also determine how much you pay, but it won’t be as significant as your choice of metal. EPOs and HMOs will cover your costs as long as the service you used was within their network, or if it was an emergency. However, HMOs typically require people to live in a certain location or work in a general vicinity. POS plans won’t cover you completely—neither will PPOs—but they’ll give you a reduced price for seeing those in their network. Unlike a PPO’s ability to see outside services, you’ll need a referral from your doctor to see a specialist on a POS plan.You understand your needs the best, which is why you should thoroughly understand the factors involved.

The Importance of Being Covered

Health insurance is vital in the modern day, as medical costs are astronomically high. Insurance Line One knows how much it costs to see a doctor, which is why they are offering services as low as 150 dollars. Dental, health, life, vision, vehicle and many other options, you’ll find the perfect health insurance package for you in their securely made catalog. After all, no one should go into bankruptcy for something they had no control over.



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