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Health insurance is a key component in staying healthy. Sure, you can eat a proper diet and be cautious about your surroundings, but you can’t control other people’s actions. Their recklessness or lack of care for themselves can result in you being injured or develop some sort of illness. Without health insurance, you will have to forfeit hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars to get the treatment you deserve.

You shouldn’t have to go into medical debt because of someone else’s fault. Yet, there is still an uninsured rate of around 9 percent in Missouri. This means, thousands of people are going unprotected and are risking their financial stability to do so. Insurance Line One wants to avoid the eventual bankruptcy by providing you with insurance starting at five dollars a day. Being healthy is a right we all have, which is why we want to ensure you can remain this way.

Treating Medical Problems in Missouri

The state of Missouri is known for a multitude of positive aspects. This doesn’t negate the high problems affecting the residents. For one, Missouri has one of the highest rates of people smoking; an estimated 22 percent. Nearly a quarter of the population smokes cigarettes, which is commonly known to increase your chances of heart disease and cancer. It doesn’t help Missouri has one of the highest mortality rates for cardiovascular disease, either.

Heart disease encompasses a wide range of ailments, from chest pain to high blood pressure to a heart attack. At least one in four people will pass because of some type of heart disease. Surviving is possible, but it can cost you as little as 30,000 dollars to an expensive 200,000 dollars. It doesn’t help another 25 percent are physically inactive. Physical exercise has been shown to reduce your chances of cardiovascular problems because it is strengthening your heart and lungs.

Additionally, you will avoid developing an obesity problem, which 31 percent of the state suffers from. Being obese can lead to various problems, but the strain it puts on your heart is the worst. Don’t risk potentially having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on avoidable treatment. Although were you to have health insurance, you can have as little as 60 percent of the bill waived or as much as 90 percent.

Cheap Health Insurance in Missouri

Health insurance is an important service in the modern age. To go without coverage is risking not only your physical and mental standing but your financial survivability. Don’t be part of the 40 percent of uninsured who don’t have a normal place to go to for care. You are only going to push off treatment until it’s too late. Insurance Line One will assist you were you ever in need of financial assistance on your medical bills.

Starting our services off at a low rate of 150 dollars a month is the first step in making health insurance an easily attainable utility. Carefully organizing our list of services is the second step in ensuring you choose something perfect for you and your family’s lifestyle. You don’t want to make a decision while you are confused because it will only mean you need to spend more on coverage. Our year-round open enrollment will allow you to take your time making a decision, as well as avoid the anxiety of remembering the timeline to apply.




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