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Health insurance is a vital service to have; without it, you are vulnerable to all sort of calamities. A one-night stay in a hospital in Maryland can average around 2,400 dollars a night. This can quickly add up if you need to stay there because of a surgery. Many people who have had to deal with heart surgery stay in a hospital anywhere from a couple days to two weeks. The surgery itself can require you to spend as little as 30,000 dollars or as much as 200,000 dollars. When everything starts to accumulate it paints a rather expensive picture.

You shouldn’t have to suffer longer than necessary just because you don’t make enough wages to pay for a 100,000 dollar bill. Insurance Line One is a health care provider offering affordable care; starting off at a simple five dollars a day for coverage. This allows much of the country to justify this much-needed service. After all, it’s not your fault you were injured or developed an illness, and even if it was you shouldn’t have to live in pain because of it.

Maryland’s Health

Maryland is a wonderful state to live in, but it isn’t utopia. Maryland has its own drawbacks like any other state. Unfortunately for the millions of people affected by asthma, pollution is a key problem for the state. Pollution is when their toxins and contaminants in their capable of causing you physical problems. Asthma itself is a disease affecting your respiratory system; how you breathe. When it starts to get irritated it can cause the person to struggle to catch their breath.

If left untreated, you have a higher likelihood of passing from it. Thousands of people die from this ailment every year in Maryland, and it’s mainly because they can’t get the treatment they deserve. While the environment is a major factor hurting you, you shouldn’t just accept this fate. Health insurance can assist you during this trying time and give you a boost when handed the medical bill.

Depending on the package you choose, you can have as little as 60 percent of the bill waived or as much as 90 percent covered. Were you to need to be hospitalized because of an episode, you can pay as little as 220 dollars for a room in a hospital. Additionally, you won’t want to delay receiving care because of the high costs, making you an all-around healthier person.

Cheap Health Insurance in Maryland

Many people have this false idea about what health insurance actually does. Most think it’s a catch-all service, but it’s not. Health insurance is capable of assisting you with your medical costs, but it won’t stop all of them. You’ll need to look through the packet they send to affirm everything included in your subscription. Insurance Line One has enhanced this experience, as well.

Carefully organizing our list of services into an easy-to-format prevents any confusion from occurring during your decision-making process. Confusion can result in you spending hundreds, maybe even thousands more than necessary. Additionally, you’ll be able to take as long as you want to choose an option. Our year-round open enrollment allows you to meticulously read everything presented, as well as prevent rejection because you didn’t know there was a timeline.


Insurance Line One has an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

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