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In the state of California, the overall amount of people who are uninsured has reduced. It’s actually sitting at a historic low of 7.2 percent. Millions of Californians now have coverage and don’t have to worry about the astronomically high costs for medical treatment. However, Oakland might still be lagging behind in the amount of uninsured people. In 2013, at least one in ten residents of the county were going uninsured; this is 12.6% of the population.

The reason for their lack of protection can be from a variety of reasons, but the most frequent one talked about is the high costs of health insurance. In California, 29 percent of the uninsured cite the lack of finances to afford the costs, but this doesn’t need to be the case. Luckily, there are healthcare providers who are offering services at an affordably low price of 150 dollars. Considering the risks associated with certain lifestyles, it would be best to be prepared for the worst rather than have to cope with what happened.

Are You a Smoker of Oakland?

The act of smoking cigarettes has gone down over the years and it’s led to healthier living. This is especially the case in California and places by the bay, where smoking has become relatively taboo. However, within Oakland, there is still an 11 percent population of smokers. The statewide population of smokers matches the city of Oakland, but it doesn’t change the fact it’s considered one of the top ten counties in San Francisco to have cigarette users.

Smoking cigarettes can increase your chances of developing a life-threatening disease, like heart disease. Heart disease can come in a variety of forms—chest pain, arrhythmia, high blood pressure—and it’s still the number one killer in the nation and the state of California. The major way it attacks people is through a heart attack, though. While surviving a heart attack has been made easier through advancements in technology and medical research, it is still incredibly costly to recover from it.

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Going to a hospital in Alameda county—where Oakland is located—can cost you a low-end estimate of 22,000 dollars in payments. However, this is in the hopes you catch it in time and there’s no complications. A high-end estimate of this situation will cost you around 137,000 dollars. Understandably, not everyone is going to have to deal with this situation, but your chances are increased were you to be a smoker, or even around someone who smokes. Quitting may not be something you want to do, but including the risk of going uninsured as you get older is worse. Although, physical exercise might balance out the chances of heart disease.

Are you Physically Active?

Being physically active lowers your chances of developing certain types of diseases. It helps your body heighten its immune system and strengthen your muscles. Although, the risk of injury will always be there no matter how long you’ve been doing it. It doesn’t matter if you are just weightlifting or a professional basketball player, injuries can happen without your fault in any way. As a matter of fact, basketball and football are the two most common sports to be injured in.

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Within these sports lies the most popular injuries of the sports; a broken or fractured wrist, finger or arm. These can be costly were you to be uninsured. Taking into account 34 percent of the uninsured population makes less than 25,000 dollars, these treatments can be costly. While the county average for medical services is around 4,000 dollars, the nationwide average can reach up to 16,000 dollars. This doesn’t include the medication you’ll need or the follow-ups after to ensure your arm recovered properly. These costs can start to add up, but with health insurance you will be able to ignore the worries usually included with quality healthcare.

How Will Health Insurance Help Me?

Health insurance is here to make sure you save as much money as possible during a traumatic point in your life. Whether it’s recovering from a devastating heart attack or going through therapy for your broken arm, health insurance will be able to cover most of the costs. This allows you to point all your time toward getting better. However, in order for your healthcare provider to assist you, you first have to pick a type of “metal”.

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These “metals” will determine how much you pay a month and in out-of-pocket spending. As you go up in “glamour” with these “metals” you’ll have to pay more. Although, you will receive a higher assistance rate as you go up, as well. For instance, the first type of “metal” is bronze, which comes in around 388 dollars a month for an assistance rate around 60 percent. This will drop a 22,000 dollar heart attack bill to 8,800 dollars. Granted, there are people who will want a bigger assistance boost, and you might even be one of them. Fortunately, there are three other options available; silver, gold, and platinum.

Silver plans are next in line in cost-effectiveness, and it’s also the most popular line. For an estimated 428 dollars a month you’ll have up to 70 percent of your medical bill covered. To have 80 percent of your bill covered you should consider spending an estimated 507 dollars a month for a gold plan. Its quality rivals platinum services, but at a lower price. However, were you to have heavier medical needs or have to frequently fill out expensive medication, a platinum package should be your next look.

You’ll have up to 90 percent of the medical bill covered, but it’ll need you to forfeit an estimated 583 dollars a month. Platinum services can turn the 22,000 dollar heart attack bill into a simple 2,200 dollar bill. However, there are reports of people paying as little as 290 dollars for recovery because of their health insurance in Oakland. Altogether, health insurance will lower the costs by more than half.

Choosing the Perfect Healthcare Provider

There are so many health insurance packages out there for you to choose from and they each have their own benefits. However, these other plans also have their own drawbacks and the biggest are the obstacles many companies placed to prevent themselves from assisting you as much. Insurance Line One wants to change this practice, which is why we have carefully organized all of our services in an easily navigable index.

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Allowing you to meticulously read the policies we have in place and understand the fine-print to avoid any confusion. You don’t want to make a decision only to realize it will cost you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars more than you planned. It’s one of the reasons why we have year-round open enrollment. Creating every possibility for you to apply and receive the treatment you deserve.



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