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The state of California is known for a multitude of different things; Hollywood, beaches, mountains, wine. However, it’s also known as a state with a historically low record amount of people going without health insurance. This is not only beneficial for those who just acquired this service, as well as the people who are already on the service. The inclusion of them to the provider’s subscription service balances out the way premiums are handled. This is one of the main reasons why so many people are choosing to remain uninsured.

Within California, 29 percent of the uninsured population cite the high costs. Luckily, healthcare providers, like Insurance Line One, are offering services at a low price of 150 dollars a month. This avoids any possibility of having to deal with the astronomically high costs for medical treatment. Recovery should be your first step in this time of crisis, not after you’ve earned enough money to pay for it. Considering how much more expensive it is to go uninsured, this is your best option.

Who are the Uninsured?

When it comes to being uninsured there can be a multitude of reasons. However, at least 29 percent cite the high costs as their reasoning for remaining uninsured. This is understandable when you realize at least 50 percent of the uninsured population make less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level—which is currently around 24,000 dollars. However, there are affordable health insurance packages out there for you to choose from, it’s just a matter of finding the right one.

Nonetheless, there is about 9 percent of the uninsured population in California who don’t see the value or point in health insurance. These type of people are living a dangerous life, and if you happen to be one of them then you need to change your lifestyle. This type of thinking is based on the fact you’ll never get injured or sick, but this isn’t living in reality. You can’t control how other people live their lives, which means their fault can result in your injury or growth of an illness.

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Without health insurance you are less likely to have a usual source of care. This is mainly because you don’t have to go to a specific facility to comply with your health insurance. However, this is also due to the fact you have no true way of paying for this. Most doctor visits can cost around 200 dollars. This isn’t including any tests, medications or exams they might have to run on you. Including all of these other factors can raise the doctor bill up by hundreds of dollars. This is in the hopes you go in time, though.

Most of the uninsured population will actually delay seeing a medical professional because of the costs. Within California, at least 73 percent of the uninsured delayed care because of the high costs. This wouldn’t be a problem were you partnered with a trustworthy health insurance company. Plus, the chances of developing a cold is high and it will only worsen were you to push off medication.

What if Something Happens?

Living in Santa Ana, you are home to a list of exciting and new events. However, air quality can be a major hindrance, especially for the asthmatic. Having to frequently go in because you are having trouble breathing can end up costing you thousands of dollars. Being uninsured will only raise the prices. Long-term treatment for this disease can end up costing you an estimated 5,000 dollars.

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While, this may not seem like a lot, this can accumulate. Once it’s compounded enough it can be more than what most uninsured people make in year. It doesn’t have to take long for it cause financial problems, either. Furthermore, were this to be a more serious condition it can be enough to bankrupt most of the uninsured. For instance, heart disease affects a reported 20 percent of the people in Orange County. Heart disease can take form in many ways; chest pain, high blood pressure, arrhythmia. The most devastating form of heart disease is suffering a heart attack.

A heart attack occurs when the artery is restricted and prevents oxygen and important nutrients from being transported around the body. This results in the chest pain felt right before the initial attack. Our technology and medical research has advanced far enough to the point where surviving this terrible trauma is more possible every day. However, in order for you to survive this you need to catch it in time and with a majority of the uninsured delaying treatment, it can be the last thing you do.

Catching it early-on can also be the difference between a 13,000 dollar bill for recovery and a 88,000 dollar for rehabilitation. Understandably, this is too much for most people to spend on, especially when you weren’t prepared. However, this is the problem with going uninsured; you aren’t preparing for the worst.

The assistance you’ll receive from health insurance will be able to more than half the total medical bill. As a matter of fact, it’s been reported people in Orange County only have to pay an estimated 400 dollars for recovery on health insurance. This is just a fraction of the total, and it’s only possible because of the benefits of health insurance.

Who is the Best Healthcare Provider?

Finding a healthcare provider can be difficult. You have to start adding up your healthcare needs and plan for any unforeseen accidents. It can be draining trying to make a decision, especially when you have to look through the mounds of health insurance packages being offered. Fortunately, Insurance Line One has carefully organized all of their listed services in an easily navigable format.

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This prevents any confusion from rising, thus avoiding the uncomfortable bill costing hundreds, maybe even thousands more. You’ll also be able to take as much time as you need making a decision. Through our year-round open enrollment program you will never feel rushed trying to make a deadline, because there isn’t one. People have busy lives and not everyone can follow other people’s deadlines. To deny them healthcare benefits because of this is unfair, and it’s something we vow to change.



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