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California has just hit another historic-low for the amount of people who are uninsured. Currently, only 7 percent of the population is uninsured. Millions of Californians now have coverage and don’t have to worry about the astronomically high costs of recovery. However, there is still millions of men, women and children without coverage. These people are vulnerable to all sorts of problems.

One of the biggest tribulations the uninsured have to face is the cost of medical services. However, with the help of a reputable health insurance company this can be a thing of the past. Insurance Line One offers services as low as 150 dollars to allow even those making 200 percent of the federal poverty level the possibility of acquiring this much-needed service. Nonetheless, location still has a factor in how much you pay, and this is incredibly prevalent with medical costs.

Living in Santa Clara County

Santa Clara county is home to a list of different people, but it’s median income sits around $93,854—which is the highest in all of California. However, one in ten children and 14% of adults were living below the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) in 2014. Currently, the FPL is at an estimated 12,000 dollars. Originally, the FPL was created to distinguish who qualified for government assistance programs. Today, it helps establish who can apply and receive subsidies for healthcare.

Within California, 11 percent of the population smokes. However, in this county, the smoking rate is lower. This doesn’t change the fact smoking can still cause detrimental diseases to evolve. Heart disease is one of these traumatic disease and with 9 percent of the county being smokers it’s important to be aware of the damages it can do. Fortunately, the amount of people passing from heart disease is lower than the state and nationwide average.

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Nonetheless, paying an average of 81,000 dollars for a coronary heart bypass surgery is impossible for many of the uninsured. Remember, at least 50 percent of the uninsured make less than 200 percent of the FPL, this would bankrupt them without health insurance. However, the average amount people with health insurance had to pay was around 286 dollars. Various factors are implemented when it comes to how much you have to pay, which is why understanding it will be beneficial to you.

Breakdown of Costs

When people see the price tag for their bill, not everyone completely understands what the money goes toward. Most of the time, people think all the money goes to the doctor and nurse since they were your primary caregivers. However, there are a couple other characteristics needed to be paid off before you can leave. There are all the medical services provided to you during your stay; doctors and nurses, having someone watch over you, bed and stay, etc,.

Then there are the outside services and drugs you need to pay for, as well. Outside services can encompass therapy and in-home care. Drugs are the least expensive expenditure at the hospital. Despite this, most of the expenses you pay are toward the medical services you receive. These costs can reach tens of thousands of dollars uninsured, but with the help of health insurance this will be a thing of the past.

How Will Health Insurance Help Me?

Health insurance is here to ensure you don’t spend a year’s salary on medical treatments to make you better. The main determinant for how much you spend a month and on out-of-pocket spending is the type of “metal” you want. Bronze, silver, gold and platinum are your options. Depending on your lifestyle you will pick one with a higher monthly premium or a higher deductible. Your deductible needs to be paid off before you can start receiving all of the benefits.

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Fortunately, you will still be able to acquire your medication at a discounted price before you cover your deductible. Bronze packages are usually for people with litle medical needs and are only wanting to use this for absolutely necessary situation. For an estimated monthly premium around 328 dollars you will have up to 60 percent of your total medical bill covered. This will turn the 81,000 dollar coronary heart bypass surgery into a 32,400 dollar bill. Granted, this might not be the most ideal number to see, which is why there are still three other options for you to choose from.

Silver plans are next in line, costing somewhere around 428 dollars a month to have up to 70 percent of your medical bill covered. These plans even have a financial assistance program were you to qualify for it. Although, you can still have 80 percent of your bill covered, but you’ll need to forfeit around 507 dollars a month for a gold plan. Finally, platinum services are for those with heavy medical needs, have expensive medicine to fill-out or frequently visit the ER for treatment.

To obtain this service you’ll need to spend an estimated 583 dollars a month, but you’ll receive an assistance rate around 90 percent. This will turn the 81,000 dollar bill into a measly 8,100 dollar charge. Altogether, having health insurance will reduce the medical bill by more than half. However, trying to choose the best healthcare provider can be a difficult process.

Choosing the Best Healthcare Provider

Looking for a health insurance company perfect for you can be a difficult process. There are countless companies out there all telling you to subscribe to them. Unfortunately, many of these companies hide policies to prevent themselves from helping you as much. Insurance Line One wants to change this, which is why they have carefully cataloged all of their services into an easy to read index. This prevents any confusion from occurring and allows you—the subscriber—to completely know what you are getting.

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The last thing you want to do is rush into a package only to find out you are going to be paying hundreds of dollars more than you need to. It’s one of the reasons why we also start our prices at a low cost of 150 dollars a month. Not only that, but we provide you with year-round open enrollment to ensure you have every opportunity to sign up. People live hectic lives, you might even be one of them and expecting you to remember every little detail is unfair of us. But, providing you with every possibility to obtain this service changes this dynamic.



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