Low Income Health Insurance in San Francisco

The state of California has, once again, had their uninsured rate lower. Sitting at a measly 7.2 percent, millions of Californians now have coverage. The assistance they’ll receive from health insurance will be momentous in their lives. Particularly because, they won’t have to go into medical debt when they get injured or sick from now on. They’ll be able to have their medical bills more than halved, some will even have their total bill completely covered, because of health insurance.

However, not everyone sees health insurance in this way still, at least it’s the same reason why an estimated 7.3 percent of San Franciscan residents are still uninsured. 29 percent of Californians cited the high costs or it was too expensive as the reason for continuing to remain uninsured. Luckily, there are some health insurance companies offering prices at a reasonable price. Insurance Line One starts their prices at a low price of 150 dollars, meaning even those making 200 percent of the federal poverty level will be able to afford it. San Franciscan residents need to be particularly aware of the dangers going unprotected in their home city.

San Francisco Health Risks

Living in San Francisco has a worthwhile list of events and activities to partake in. However, 11 percent of residents still smoke, which inhibits your lung capacity. This can result in you spending less time outside doing your favorite activities. Although, the bigger concern is your increased chances of heart disease. Heart disease can cost thousands of dollars in medication and treatment. The worst consequence is your heightened likelihood of a coronary heart bypass surgery. This can cost an average of 97,894 dollars in San Francisco. However with the help of health insurance this cost can be more than halved. There have even been reports of the average amount insured patients in the county paid was 89 dollars.

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Obviously, not everyone smokes nor will those who smoke guaranteed to have to deal with this. But secondhand smoke is still a major problem to have to deal with. It can result in allergies flaring up or asthma to react poorly. In heavily populated areas of the county, 40 percent had smoke fly into their homes. There is also a reported estimate of 51,000 residents living in overcrowded conditions. This not only makes it worse for non-smokers living around smokers, but sicknesses can travel faster in these environments. However, without insurance, this can cost thousands of dollars.

One visit to the doctor can cost anywhere from 250 to 400 dollars. This is not even including the tests they’ll need to run on you to see what kind of illness you have nor the medication needed. Without health insurance you can start to collect medical debt. Contrary to popular belief, you will still be sent to collections were you to take to long to pay off these debts. It can also quickly drag down your credit score taking too long. Additionally, you might be one of thousands of San Franciscans who don’t have a usual source of care; 13 percent don’t.

This can result in you delaying your care, which only worsens the condition you are in. It can turn a simple cold into a harsh bronchitis, which can then turn into a devastating pneumonia. Pushing off regular check-ups and needed time at the doctor can be terrible for your health. Don’t be part of the 23 percent of uninsured people who don’t see a doctor for a visit, nor the 20 percent who push off needed care because of the costs. Subscribe to a proper healthcare provider now to avoid these problems. However, you should first know what to look for before you start making any choices affecting your life.

What Does Health Insurance Affect?

There are many components going into health insurance. It asks a list of questions to find you the best possible match for health insurance. However, the biggest factor you should be cautious of is the type of “metal” you choose. These “metals” determine how much you pay a month and in out-of-pocket spending. One way to understand the way these “metals” work is by looking at it in real-world terms. The more “glamorous” you go for a “metal” then the more you’ll pay in monthly premiums, but less in out-of-pocket spending.

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Using the “glamour” to boost your social look enables you to spend less of your own money on medical treatments. For instance, bronze packages are usually for people who want to spend the least amount of money, but are waiting for the worst-case scenario. You’ll pay an estimated 388 dollars a month to have 60 percent of your medical bill covered. Most of the time, a heart bypass surgery would count as the worst-case. You will only have to pay an estimated 39,000 dollars for this surgery.

Granted, this might not be the most ideal number to see, which is why you still have three other options; silver, gold and platinum. Silver is the next in line for “metals” and it will help you with 70 percent of the costs, but you’ll need to spend an estimated 428 dollars a month. For people with a bit more medical needs you can always move up to the next “metal”, gold. For an estimated 507 dollars a month you can have up to 80 percent of the bill covered on a gold plan.

Finally, is the grand jewel of healthcare options, the platinum plan. You’ll spend the most in monthly premiums, an estimated 583 dollars, but your healthcare provider will cover up to 90 percent of your bill. This can turn your averaged out 97,000 dollars for a heart bypass surgery in San Francisco county, into a 9,700 dollar bill. However, there have been reports of insured patients paying nothing, as well. Furthermore, you need to find a trustworthy healthcare provider to accomplish this.

Who Should I Go to for Health Insurance?

Choosing a health insurance package can be a frustrating process. There is a wide variety of them out there, all offering you the same thing but with slight differences. These differences are there to create obstacles from receiving the best healthcare assistance. Fortunately, there are still healthcare providers who care about the patient. Insurance Line One doesn’t just offer services at a low price of 150 dollars, but we’ve also carefully cataloged our services in an easily navigable index.

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This choice is going to be affecting major parts of your life. It decides how much you’ll pay for treatment and who you are allowed to see. The worst thing to happen to you is you end up choosing a healthcare package costing you thousands of dollars more because you didn’t read the fine-print. Our year-round open enrollment will prevent any rushed decisions, because you will be able to take as long as you need making a decision.



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