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California has recently had it’s uninsured rate lower, again. Actually, this is the lowest the state has had it in history. Currently, the uninsured rate in California sits around 7 percent. This leaves thousands, even millions, vulnerable to the harmful policies hospitals have. It’s even been reported hospital and medical facilities will charge people without health insurance more money than those with coverage.

This kind of practice leaves millions of people in bankruptcy or in mounds of medical debt. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid these problems. Of course, with over 40 percent of the uninsured population stating the high costs as the reason for their lack of protection, it’s easy to see why this dilemma exists. However, Insurance Line One offers packages as low as 150 dollars to change this challenge millions face. After all, going uninsured is much more detrimental than having health insurance.

Who are the Uninsured?

There is a list of reasons millions of Californians refuse to acquire health insurance. Within the uninsured population of California, about 29 percent of them cite the high costs as their reasoning. This is understandable when you realize the salaries of many of the uninsured. At least 11 percent of the uninsured make around 139 percent of the federal poverty level. The federal poverty level is used to determine how much someone makes and if they qualify for federal subsidies or assistance.

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At 100 percent the federal poverty level sits around 12,000 dollars. Going up in percentage means you are also raising the income level. However, less than 11 percent still make an estimated 15,000 dollars. Another 14 percent make in-between 139 and 200 percent of the federal poverty level. These people are struggling to survive, considering they also have other bills and utilities they need to pay for.

Comparatively, 37 percent of the uninsured quote other variables as to why they remain uninsured. The worst statistic is the fact 9 percent of the uninsured don’t see the benefits of health insurance. These people only see health insurance as a luxury to have, without any real positive consequences for you once you are injured. However, this type of thinking is dangerous and can lead to much worse problems for you down the line.

The Benefits of Health Insurance

Health insurance is here to help you in life, not make it more difficult to survive. You’ve already lived through a traumatic experience, the last thing you want to do is add-on financial stress. Health insurance is especially important were you to live a certain lifestyle; such as, smoking cigarettes or being one of the main people who are suffering from being overweight/obese.

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These lifestyles only increase your chances of developing a life-threatening illness. One of the biggest diseases to appear because of these problems is heart disease.

The average cost for heart bypass surgery averages around 58,000 dollars. With health insurance this price would be more than halved. However, this depends on the type of “metal” chosen. Bronze, silver, gold and platinum are your options. Now, if you decide to go with the more “glamorous” metals, you’ll end up paying more in monthly premiums, but less in out-of-pocket spending.

For instance, bronze packages are typically for people who want to save the most money. It’s why you’ll only spend an estimated 388 dollars a month for 60 percent of your bill to be covered. Silver will help with 70 percent of the bill, but at a monthly premium around 428 dollars. To have 80 percent of the medical bill covered you’ll need to spend around 507 dollars a month on a gold plan. Finally, platinum services are for those with heavy medical needs, which is why you’ll have 90 percent of your bill covered at a monthly premium around 583 dollars.

Altogether, you will have your coronary heart bypass surgery more than halved. However, it’s actually been reported were you to have health insurance the average amount you’d have to spend for recuperation is around 250 dollars. This is only possible were you to partner with a reputable healthcare provider. Nonetheless, there are still some common misconceptions when it comes to acquiring health insurance.

The Myths of Health Insurance

Many people believe, once you have health insurance it will cover everything, but this is sadly not the case. You need to be aware of what you are obtaining before you start paying for it. It’s one of the reasons why you need to carefully analyze the policies they have to see what they will cover. Many health insurance companies will try and add secret policies to prevent helping you as much, which is why you need to remain vigilant.

One of the biggest concerns for people who are thinking of acquiring health insurance is how you pay for whatever is leftover on the bill. Don’t let it sit there and accumulate more debt, because it will come back and haunt you. It doesn’t matter if you are still making payments, if you don’t finish it off by the end of the deadline they will send it to collections. Medical collections is no different than any other form of collections, and even if you pay off this debt your credit score might not go back to normal. You need to pay off your medical bills before it’s due or else it can cause more problems for you. Thankfully, there are healthcare providers looking out for your best interest.

Picking the Most Affordable Health Insurance

In this hectic world we live in, it can be easy to forget about important details. Health insurance is one of these utilities needing extra care. To go without this beneficial service can be the last thing you do. After all, 73 percent of the uninsured who delayed care cited the high costs as their reason. This can be the difference between a new dietary plan to fix your cardiovasular disease or a 150,000 dollar surgery for a coronary bypass.

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Thankfully, Insurance Line One doesn’t just provide you with services as low as 150 dollars, but as well as a carefully organized list of services for you to easily scroll through. Trying to rush into a decision can result in you spending thousands of dollars more on coverage because you didn’t read the fine-print.

We’ll even allow you to take as much time as you need to make a decision. Through our year-round open enrollment policy, you will be able to completely understand what is being offered. You won’t be denied, either, because you missed the deadline set. Don’t risk your physical and financial safety just to save a couple bucks, acquire something that will benefit your life.



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