Low Income Health Insurance in Long Beach

Going uninsured may seem like a pleasing idea at the time, but it will cost you hundreds, maybe even thousands more than having health insurance. Currently, the state of California has an uninsured rate around 7.2 percent. However, the city of Long Beach has an estimated uninsured rate around 20 percent. This leaves millions of men, women and children vulnerable to all sorts of problems.

The problem is many of the uninsured can’t afford the high costs many other health insurance companies provide people with. Luckily, there are still some healthcare providers with the goal of making your life easier. Insurance Line One has services starting as low as 150 dollars to ensure everyone is capable of acquiring this much needed service. The idea of even going uninsured should escape your mind because the damages it can lead to is much worse than the service itself.

Long Beach Health Risks

The city of Long Beach is home to all sorts of people, events and situations. However, this also means it is home to unsavory habits, such as smoking cigarettes. You might even be part of the estimated 15 percent of residents who smoke cigarettes. Smoking has actually been linked to all sorts of terrible diseases, but the biggest danger to the state and the nation is heart disease. Heart disease has actually been linked to 20 percent of the death’s in the state.

Heart disease is a lifelong disease with no cure. It can encompass a variety of diseases—stroke, high blood pressure, arrthymia, chest pain—but the most dangerous is a heart attack. A heart attack occurs when the artery becomes blocked and prevents oxygen and nutrients from being transported to important body parts. Heart disease can be handled through medication and surgery.

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Despite this terrifying number, the amount of people passing has actually gone down over the years. This can be due to the massive step forward in medicine and technology. Nonetheless, the financial burden heart attack recovery costs is enough to put a majority of the uninsured in bankruptcy. As a matter of fact, a low-end estimate for heart recovery is around 18,000 dollars in this area. However, the high-end estimate is around 67,000 dollars.

Taking into account at least 50 percent of the uninsured population makes less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level—which is currently around 24,000 dollars—these people will have a hard time paying off these costs. Fortunately, not everyone will have to deal with this devastating disease. However, the amount of people who have been succumbing to the flu within the past couple years has led to a fear of pneumonia.

Pneumonia is a bacterial, viral or fungal infection of the lungs, forcing an excess of liquids to be present in your lungs. Depending on the severity of the infection it can be as simple as a cough with phlegm or as severe as not being able to breathe. It can be cured with proper medication and treatment, though.

Pneumonia is on the top ten list of factors killing people the most. This is understandable when you realize the power it has to shut down your system. Surviving this disease is possible but it can run up to 18,000 dollars to recover. Health insurance has the ability to fraction this total cost by more than half, though.

Will Health Insurance Actually Benefit Me?

Health insurance is here to help you out and the main way to determine how much you save in out-of-pocket spending is the type of “metal” you choose. These “metals” decide how much you spend a month and in out-of-pocket spending. Like real-life, the more “glamorous” the “metal” the more you’ll spend in monthly premiums, but less in out-of-pocket spending.

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For instance, a bronze package is usually for people who want to save the most amount of money in premiums, but are planning for the worst-case scenario. It’s why you’ll only have to spend an estimated 388 dollars to have up to 60 percent of your bill covered. This can turn the 18,000 dollar estimated bill for pneumonia into a 7,200 dollar bill. Granted, there are people who will want to receive a much heftier assistance rate; you might even be one of them. Fortunately, you still have three other options; silver, gold and platinum.

Silver plans are next in line and they will help you with up to 70 percent of the costs. However, you’ll need to drop an estimated 428 dollars a month. To have 80 percent of your medical bill covered, you’ll need to spend around 507 dollars on a gold package. Finally, platinum services are for those with heavy medical needs, those with expensive medicine and/or people who frequent the ER doctor.

You’ll have up to 90 percent of your bill covered on this plan, but it comes with an estimated price tag around 583 dollars. This will turn the 67,000 dollar bill for heart attack rehabilitation into a 6,700 dollar bill. However, within Long Beach there are hospitals capable of reducing the price down to 520 dollars. The inclusion of health insurance is guaranteed to make your life better financially and physically.

Choosing the Best Healthcare Provider

Within the uninsured population, 43 percent of people don’t have a usual source of care. This makes it harder for them to receive treatment when it actually comes time for it. However, you might be one of thousands who delay needed medical care because of the costs. This is understandable when you analyze how much most medical services cost. Despite all of this, there is a way to acquire treatment without spending thousands of dollars.

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Health insurance companies, like Insurance Line One, doesn’t just offer services at a reasonably starting price around 150 dollars. We have also taken notice on how difficult it is to understand health insurance policies. To counter this problem we have carefully organized our list of services in a simplified index to allow easy comprehension. The last thing you want to do is not read the fine-print and end up spending hundreds, even thousands more in healthcare costs.

We’ll even allow you to take as much time as you need to pick a package. Through our year-round open enrollment program you will be able to take as much time you as need making a choice. Creating as many possibilities to ensure your coverage is an important aspect of a healthcare provider. People’s lives get busy and it’s easy to miss a few details.



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