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Health insurance has evolved since its first creation. It has become a staple in our daily lives. The state of California has actually had their uninsurance rate lower to a historic low. With only 7.2 percent of the population being uninsured, millions of Californians don’t have to worry about the potential medical debt. However, 7.2 percent of the population will have to worry about the possible medical debt, which can accumulate from paying your bills late.

With at least 50 percent of the uninsured population making less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level—which is currently an estimated 24,000 dollars—many will be left in financial ruin. Despite this, there is a way to fix this problem with an affordable healthcare provider. Insurance Line One providers services as low as 150 dollars to ensure everyone is capable of justifying this service. Even within Anaheim, the amount of uninsured people is uncomfortably high.

Living Next to Disneyland

Anaheim is home to many fun events, but the most notable is the fact Disneyland is located there. Disneyland is considered the happiest place on Earth, and millions of people flock here every year to see the wonders it bestows. One of the biggest attractions at the theme park is the fireworks show it holds almost everyday. Disneyland actually holds over 2,000 firework shows a year. However, these fireworks release an array of harmful substances in the air.

The very substance giving fireworks its notable, bright colors have traces of poisonous metals in it. Perchlorate—a hormone-altering oxidizer—soaks into the ground and the waterways people use, when these fireworks are shot in the air. Not only do fireworks contain high levels of harmful ingredients, but whenever they go off it increases the particulate levels in the air about 100-fold. This is the same levels of fireworks being lit off on 4th of July, but it’s everyday for the residents of Anaheim.

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Citizens of the city have actually released a petition to change the fireworks show because of the air and noise pollution it releases. As a matter of fact, heart attacks and asthmatic attacks increase whenever these levels rise too high. This can result in you spending thousands of dollars on recovery because of the environment you live in. These fireworks also disrupt many people’s sleep schedule, which can worsen people’s anxiety and heart.

The lack of sleep, combined with poor air quality results in a higher incidence of heart attacks and heart disease flare-ups. People with asthma are also at a risk living here because of the amount of particulates released into the air. Granted, living here can be a pleasure for many; it’s better to be prepared for the worst than to have to cope with the results, though.

What if The Worst-Case Were to Happen?

Living in Anaheim can be a great experience, but the chances of being affected by your heart disease increases. This can end up costing you thousands of dollars were you to be uninsured. The low-end average cost for recovery from a heart attack in Orange County is 18,000 dollars. Remember, at least half of the uninsured population make less than 24,000 dollars. This would be incredibly difficult for them to pay off, and this is in the hope it doesn’t have any complications or problems.

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A high-end estimate for rehabilitation from this devastating trauma is around 88,000 dollars. The amount of medical debt people will be placed in would cause bankruptcy in most. However, this doesn’t need to be the case were you to pick a reputable healthcare provider. Health insurance has the power to reduce your medical costs anywhere from 60 to 90 percent. It’s actually been reported people in the county only spend an average of 400 dollars to receive treatment. Nonetheless, you still need to pick the right hospital, or else you can receive subpar service—among other problems.

How To Choose a Hospital?

You will never receive the same treatment at two different places. You’ll only obtain the same service if you go to the same medical professional. Nevertheless, everyone has a different way of handling and doing things; hospitals are run by people, which means it’s no different. Researching medical facilities will not only help you see which place accepts your health insurance, but it also allows you to see how well each hospital is compared to others.

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One of the first ratings you should look for is a hospital’s customer service: how well patients were treated. Looking through reviews is one way to handle this, but there are companies with the right tools to completely analyze the experience there. You will also want to look at the mortality rate of the hospital. You might not ever need to use the hospital; unless the worst-case scenario were to happen. But, it’s vital you know how likely you are going to survive were you to go to a specific hospital.

Finally, before you choose a hospital see how much it will cost for simple procedures. You can estimate how much other exams are going to cost based on a simple routine check-up. Being uninsured is already a struggle, you don’t want to spend more than you should because you were unaware of the area. This is all in the hope you actually see a medical professional, though.

You aren’t the first uninsured person to not have a usual source of care, and you won’t be the last. An estimated 43 percent of the uninsured don’t have a normal place to turn to for healthcare. This will only cause problems down the line, physically and financially. Without a normal place to go to you are more likely to delay care; like the other 73 percent of uninsured in California. However, this is all going to be a thing of the past since you will find a low income healthcare provider.

Finding the Best Healthcare Provider

It’s reasonable to be confused while looking through healthcare options. There are a variety of factors going into deciding what you pay and the assistance you’ll receive. Fortunately, Insurance Line One has arranged all of our services for easy readability. This prevents any unnecessary frustration from rising and avoids the stress-inducing bill costing hundreds of dollars more.

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Their year-round open enrollment policy also allows people to take as much time as they need to make a decision. After all, people live busy lives and sometimes time can fly past us. This doesn’t mean people should be denied healthcare. Ignoring people who need care but missed the deadline only causes more problems for the health insurance company and the potential subscriber. Creating every opportunity for you to succeed is the ultimate goal for us, and this can only happen when you are insured.



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