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Why is Individual Health Insurance Important in Texas?

Texas is known for being big; “everything is bigger in Texas.” For one, Texas is huge, it’s roughly 268,597 square miles. California is about 163,696 square miles around, and it’s one of the biggest economies in the world. Texas is also home to several oddities: the world’s largest boots, the largest gingerbread house and home of the giant glasses. Texas pride is in the fact they are bigger than most states and even countries.

Unfortunately, they also have the biggest amount of people who are uninsured. Texas’ total uninsured population reaches about 15 percent, compared to the national United States average of 9 percent. There are various reasons as to why millions of Texans are uninsured, but the most prominent one is the lack of action by the state government. Texas is one of 17 states to deny medicaid expansion, which would have made it easier and more affordable for Texans to acquire healthcare. This doesn’t change the fact health insurance is vital to our survival in the modern era.

Individual Health Insurance Saves Money

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Living in Texas, there’s not an assortment of physicians you can see at an affordable cost without insurance. While there are few doctors offering cheap visits to those uninsured Texans needing care, they are wide and few. This leaves people in locations without these facilities to deal with the high costs of going to a hospital uninsured. Paying the average hospital bill of 2,292 dollars in Texas is impossible for many Texans.

Of course, there’s always emergency rooms, urgent care facilities and general doctors to visit. Unfortunately, were you to go to the ER it can reach the hundreds, and that’s not even considering any extra tests you might need to do. Urgent care and doctor visits are better than seeing the ER, but 150 dollars still packs am unwanted punch. Meantime, with the assistance of insurance you can pay as little as 10 percent of the hospital costs. Some plans even have a maximum amount of money you’ll pay out of pocket, preventing you from going into financial debt because you were walking down the street.

Biggest Dangers for Texans

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With Texas being the least insured state in the United States of America, it would be pertinent to remain vigilant about your health. However, not everyone understands or cares about their health enough to do something to change it. Texas’, leading cause of death is heart disease, which can usually be associated with poor health management. A heart attack can appear because of this, but without insurance the costs can reach astronomically high prices; leaving you more damaged than before. However, there’s been a recent problem showing itself in Texas leaving many worried about their future; high maternal mortality rates.

High Maternal Mortality Rate

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Texas has received a various amount of criticism for its lack of insured people, but in recent years most of its notoriety has been from its high amount of mothers dying during birth. It’s been reported at least 14.6 out of 100,000 women died from childbirth in 2012. This number has steadily increased over the years, both in Texas and nationally. While the national average of  death during childbirth is lower than Texas, it has still slowly risen.

The mortality rate also gives us a peak about how many complications do arise for women during childbirth. It’s estimated 25,000 women deal with complications for every 50 women who pass because of childbirth. With an estimation of over 50 people dying in Texas during 2012; over 25,000 women dealt with complications.

Now, 15 percent of Texas is uninsured, which means these people are having to pay gargantuan prices to bring life into the world and/or deal with the complexities of childbirth. However, with health insurance aiding you, you’ll be able to pay it off easily. Were you to have the Bronze package of individual health insurance, they’ll pay up to 60 percent of the costs. A Gold package can help you with 90 percent of the costs.

Health insurance is made to help you in times where medical complications appear randomly. This is why health insurance is incredibly valuable, although, individual and group health insurance won’t help families who’ve lost someone.

Life Insurance

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Health insurance helps people pay off their medical bills and rest easy at night. Depending on the package, you might even receive some extra bonus of savings. Although, when it comes to dealing with the passing of someone, health insurance won’t compensate you or help you pay for the funeral costs. Individual health insurance packages deal with most medical complications, however, life insurance deals with the passing of a human being.

Living in Texas many romantic partners have had to deal with the loss of their wife during childbirth. Life insurance would help pay for the funeral costs and compensate you for their death. Texas also has high count of people developing and dying from cancer. Life insurance is made to deal with these kinds of illnesses. The cost of recovery for people with cancer can be devastating on their bank, but with life insurance you will be able to recuperate without the coming of anxiety. While these situations can feel like the end of the world, it’s important to look toward the future.



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