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The Importance of Individual Health Insurance in Wisconsin

2015, Wisconsin hit an all-time high for insured people. Reaching its highest point at 94.5 percent, most of Wisconsin doesn’t have to worry too much about the astronomically high prices they have to pay. While most of the state was filling out their paperwork to get insured, the state’s cost of medical services kept rising and reaching to what it is now—81 percent higher than the national average.

This is causing Wisconsinites to pay more through their insurance, thankfully, they have their insurance there to help them with the costs. However, this leaves many other uninsured Americans to avoid going to the doctor because of the gargantuan prices they’ll have to pay. Hoping to remain healthy for the rest of their lives, many Americans will choose to save money than pay for the costs of individual health insurance or group insurance. Sometimes, though, life throws curve balls at us that we need to fight through.

Why You Should Have Health Insurance

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No one plans on developing a disease or getting injured while out for the day. These situations are sporadic, which is why preparation is necessary. Without the right precautions in place you can be left in a place worse than you were before, all because of something you had no control over. Fortunately, there is individual health insurance, or group insurance—if your work provides it—to protect you from these calamities. Considering what the three biggest causes of death are in Wisconsin, having some kind of health insurance plan will help.

Heart Disease

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In Wisconsin, heart disease is the leading cause of death, as it is for the country. The heart is made up of various tubes, vessels and muscles, controlling the intake and output of your blood throughout your body. Without it you wouldn’t be able to live, which is why it’s important to take care of it. This includes eating a well-rounded diet and the avoidance of tobacco. But, they can also appear out of nowhere.

Recovering from heart disease can be a long and lengthy presence. It can require countless hours in the hospital and therapy getting your body back to what it once was. Fortunately, with health insurance by your side, you would have to pay less than half. Most insurance plans would pay at least 60 percent of the costs, leaving you time to heal without anxiety creeping on your heart again.


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The diagnosis of cancer can be a scary situation for many, and with cancer being able to grow on almost every part of your body it’s no wonder it is the second leading cause of death in Wisconsin. Cancer isn’t the exact disease, but the name of a list of diseases. It develops when your cells live longer than their expiration date. Most cells follow a life cycle, but, ultimately pass—as all livings things do. Cancerous cells do the opposite of pass, they continue to survive, thus passing on their infectious and dangerous cells.

After enough of these cells stockpile in your body, they create a tumor—a lump on your body—which is a visible sign of a possible cancer forming. However, once you’ve discovered you have a tumor, the costs start to show and whether it’s a malignant or benign tumor can cause further complications. Health insurance programs are there to help you with these costs. The cost of cancer can cost you millions of dollars without the use of insurance, but with it you’ll only have to pay thousands. It’s not ideal, but it will help.


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Accidental injuries can happen anytime, even if you are the most cautious person in the world you can’t fix other people’s faults. Whether it’s walking under the window of a person installing an air conditioning unit or driving in front of someone video-calling a friend on their phone, accidents lie in wait all over. Of course, you can try to sue them or have their insurance pay for your costs. But, this isn’t always the case for everyone.

The fact they hurt you shows they probably aren’t the most reliable. Sometimes the other person doesn’t have insurance or hiring a lawyer is out of reach for you, but health insurance is capable of helping you pay off those costs. After experiencing this trauma your mind might not be in the right place, causing errs in your decision making. It’s better to guard yourself from dangers before they happen then deal with them after it happens.

The Problem With Individual Health Insurance

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One of the problems with health insurance plans—both individual health insurance and group insurance—is its lack of foresight for the worst case scenario. Health insurance programs help you with the costs and the care you receive, it doesn’t take into account you or your family member’s passing. These ruinous costs are left on you or surviving family member.

Should I Buy Life Insurance?

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Unfortunately, individual health insurance plans don’t help you with the passing of someone close to you; life insurance plans do. Were your wife or child to suddenly pass you’d be able to deal with the funeral processions easier, because you wouldn’t have to worry about the gouging prices funeral homes offer.

Although, you could be the main provider for you family, your family will be vulnerable to ruin. Well, life insurance would be able to keep your family safe from outside dangers. This includes the diagnosis of a terminal disease. Being told you have a year to survive is world shattering, but people have beat better odds. With the aid of life insurance you won’t have to worry while you fight for your family.

You nor your family should have to worry about surviving after defeating a devastating disease. Thankfully, the average annual cost of an individual health insurance plan in Wisconsin is around 3,360 dollars. There are also sites able to give you quotes of life insurance prices.



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