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The Importance of Individual Health Insurance in New York?

Since the Affordable Care Act has taken place New York’s uninsured population has slowly started to dwindle. After 2013, the amount of uninsured dropped from 10 percent to 5 percent, and this number is going to continue to decrease. Thankfully, the amount of health insurance companies have also increased, giving you more of a diverse list of health care options to choose from.

However, there are still thousands of New Yorkers without the aid of a health insurance plan. These people are left to drop hundreds of dollars just to see a doctor. This doesn’t even take into account all the other tests they can run while you are there. Fortunately, there are viable options you can choose from to acquire a more affordable health insurance plan for your budget. Although, there are people who believe they take great enough care of themselves they don’t need to acquire health insurance, but most people don’t expect to develop a devastating disease.

Leading Causes of Death In New York

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New York, like every other state in the United States of America, has its problems it needs to deal with. Ranked 15th in the nation, heart disease took 44,076 lives in 2016. It’s safe to say not all those people had health insurance, which means they either didn’t have enough income available to see the doctor or didn’t make it in time. Heart disease can be treated by professionals with medicine and therapy. Cancer—New York’s second leading cause of deaths—is no different, when caught in time.

Cancer can appear in various forms, allowing it to grow on any part of your body. Depending on how strong the tumor developing in your body is growing will determine how effective of a treatment you’ll need. Since there’s such a diverse amount of cancers out there, you will be spending gargantuan amounts of money without the aid of insurance; destroying you financially.

Should I Consider Life Insurance?

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While, individual health insurance packages have their benefits, life insurances also carry their own additions. The one thing health insurance plans don’t include is the aftermath of a death. The costs of the funeral and loss of someone close can be numbing for some people, leaving them vulnerable to bad decisions after.

Insurance Line One offers a sleuth of options for those in these types of situations. Were a family member or you to pass, your family will be taken care of by the health insurance company with enough finances to pay off the costs and emotional trauma. This includes those diagnosed with a terminal disease. You shouldn’t have to worry about your family during your recovery. Unnecessary stress can cause more pain within the family and yourself, instead, spend the time resting with people you care about.

Benefits of Health Insurance

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The price of health insurance can vary depending on what you want and your finances available. However, the benefits of having health insurance far outweigh not having it. Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act, there has been a cap on how much you can spend at the hospital. Typically, the cap is around 6,950 dollars for individual plans; 13,700 dollars for family plans.

Beforehand, there was a cap on how much an insurance would pay for you, but this all changed. No longer do patients have to struggle to figure out where to find the rest of the money to pay for their treatment. Now, they can pay a reasonable amount to stay healthy. Your health insurance company will be doing more now to help you recover than ever before.

Penalties for Not Having Health Insurance

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One of the drawbacks of the Affordable Care Act, is you have to have health insurance now or face consequences. Unless you have an exemption you will either need to pay 2.5 percent of your yearly income or 695 dollars per person. The maximum penalty for the former would be paying the national average yearly premium for a bronze plan. The worst part is, you’ll have to pay the more expensive option of the two.

It’s understandable to not see the urge to acquire health insurance. New York health insurance premiums are rising, but premiums are always rising. This year is no different, not to mention the massive drawbacks of not having health insurance. Being caught without insurance can result in you paying as much as you would have if you had just obtained health insurance anyways. Not to mention the massive bills throw your way were you to suddenly get sick or injured. No one wants to suffer both physically and financially, so take your money worries to someone else who can afford to stress about it.


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