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Why Is Individual Health Insurance Important in Florida?

Florida is known for many things; Disney World, oranges and Miami nightlife. You’re bound to hear from a friend or family member after telling them you are going to Florida, “are you going to Disney World?” Answering no to the question just opens up the next immediate question, “are you staying in Miami? I heard it’s wonderful there.” Living in Florida is worse. You’re repeatedly asked if alligators are as common as they seem, and you’ll gladly create a story of how you lost your dog.

Florida is seen as one of the greatest states to live in because it is always shown as the party state, or where you go for spring break in college. This reputation completely overshadows the faults the state has. One of them being the lack of healthcare available for Floridians to report to for medical problems. It’s lack of healthcare options has resorted to free clinics appearing throughout the state. These clinics are for those without health insurance and are supplied with volunteers. Unfortunately, these clinics are spread vastly apart enough to where not everyone can access them.

Florida is Second in Nation for Most Uninsured People

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Florida’s reputation for healthcare is slowly increasing, and not for anything positive. Florida is ranked second worst in the nation for most amount of people without health insurance. Furthermore, there are countless cases of adults skipping to see the doctor because the costs were too high. Floridians actually ranked 47th in the nation for adults refusing to see the doctor because of cost, as well as ranking 43rd in the nation for rich/poor access disparity.

Among other atrocious rankings, Florida is showing those with less finances aren’t going to be able to get care they desperately need. Many people point the fingers at legislation, while others point at congress. Either way, healthcare is a vital need all Americans need to acquire. Unfortunately, the lack of healthcare access has started to affect those more vulnerable to harm.

Children Need Health Insurance

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2017, Florida experienced an increase of uninsured children. These children are not capable of acquiring health insurance by themselves and depend on their parents for support. However, the lack of healthcare for these children puts them in further risk. Without the care they need viruses can do more damage to children. This leads to children staying home longer days than necessary, because they couldn’t get the medicine they need. Not only is this harming them physically, but mentally as well.

A child is still developing during these years and it’s important they are surrounded by events shaping them to learn and be a better human. With children being constantly sick they can miss out on social learning and logistical education. Since so many adults already avoid seeing the doctor because of the costs, when something traumatic happens you’ll be left to fend for yourself.

What Exactly Does Health Insurance Do?

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The importance of health insurance in the modern age is palpable. The fact people don’t go see the doctor because the costs are so high is a symptom of this. Most people see health insurance as an indulgence, particularly because people don’t see why they should pay a monthly premium and an annual deductible when they don’t see the doctor frequent enough.

However, individual health insurance is an incredibly vital component to survival. Understandably, the average monthly premium of 285 dollars and annual 3,420 dollars deductible might deter people from applying. Nonetheless, the cost of going to the hospital will be almost as much in one visit. Most doctor visits range between 150 – 200 dollars if you’re uninsured, and this doesn’t consider the other tests they may need to run on you.

This is neglecting the fact most people don’t plan on getting injured or sick, but, as we all know, the world doesn’t work this way. Accidents happen frequently and can cause medical bills to soar. One trip to the hospital can average 2,000 dollars—before insurance even comes in. This means those without insurance would have to pay around 2,000 dollars out-of-pocket, which most people don’t have lying around.

The Cost of No Health Insurance

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Avoiding the acquisition of health insurance because of the costs is an understandable motivation. However, if you get caught without insurance you will have to pay a fine from the two options possible:

  • Paying 2.5 percent of your yearly income.
  • Paying 695 dollars per person uninsured.

The maximum penalty for the former is paying the national average annual premium for a bronze plan. Of course, you’d choose to pay the cheaper option, but despite your best wishes, you won’t. In fact, the government will have you pay the more expensive choice of the two. At this point, you might as well just pay for insurance since you are paying for the costs of one, as well as the medical bills you accumulated from your uninsured visit.

Thankfully, there are companies out there willing to work with people. Insurance Line One offers open enrollment no matter what time of the year. They know the struggles people without insurance have to face and want to make it easier on them. Don’t worry about how you’re going to pay these bills after you’ve recovered, have the insurance company deal with that.


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