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Income and Health Insurance

When applying for health insurance through a state or federal marketplace, you will need to know your expected household income. Expected household income is based on the year you want coverage, not last year’s income. To estimate your expected income, you will need to do the following:

  • Begin with your household’s adjusted gross income (AGI) from your last filed tax return
  • If applicable, add these incomes to your AGI:
    • Tax-exempt foreign income
    • Tax-exempt Social Security Benefits
    • Tax-exempt interest
  • Adjust your estimate for any expected changes such as:
    • Predicted wage increase
    • Employment changes including schedule change or self-employment income
    • Changes to income from other sources (social security, alimony, or investments)
    • Changes in your household (such as gaining or losing dependents)

For questions on how to file your expected income in order to qualify for marketplace savings, consult with an experienced agent at Insurance Line One. We began in 2009 to help uninsured families be able to afford health insurance. In less than 10 years, we grew our team from 3 agents to over 50, and we are ready to help you receive comprehensive health coverage at an affordable price. Call (800) 606-1671 for a free quote today.

What is the Maximum Income to Qualify for Subsidized Coverage?

To qualify for federal subsidies, your income must be between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty line. Currently, individuals with no dependents that have an income between $11,880 and $47,520 are eligible for subsidies. Families of 2 can qualify for subsidies if they have an income between $16,020 and $64,080. Families of 3 can with an income between $20,160 and $80,640 will qualify for federal subsidies. In states that have expanded Medicaid, subsidies are available for enrollees with up to 138% of the federal poverty level For a complete table of the federal poverty levels and an income calculator, visit

What’s Covered by Health Insurance?

In order to qualify for subsidized coverage, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have an income that is no more than 400% of the federal poverty line
  • Cannot be claimed as dependent by another person
  • Have not filed a tax return using the filing status of “Married Filing Separately”
  • Are not eligible for coverage through a government program such as Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP or TRICARE
  • Are not able to receive affordable coverage through an employer-sponsored plan
  • Have coverage through a Health Insurance Marketplace

For more information about how to receive Premium Tax Credit to go towards paying monthly premiums, visit this page of the IRS website.

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