How to Get Affordable Individual Health Insurance in North Carolina?

How to Get Affordable Individual Health Insurance in North Carolina?

North Carolina has just had their uninsured rate lower once again. Sitting at a lofty 11 percent, millions of North Carolinians are now covered and don’t have to worry about the dangers of the financing department of any medical company. However, this still leaves around a million men, women and children vulnerable to financial ruin and chronic pain. As a matter of fact, 23 percent of those uninsured have postponed seeing a doctor because of the costs. Another 20 percent delayed a needed medical treatment because they couldn’t afford it.

This is an incredibly dangerous way to handle a situation where you are in pain. Delaying needed medical services can lead to various problems you were originally trying to avoid. One of them being the high costs of finally seeing a doctor because you pushed it off for so long. Waiting to see a doctor doesn’t just make your health worse, but you will have to pay more to the doctor because they will need to do more tests and provide you with expensive medication. Considering a quarter of the state smokes, and cancer and heart disease are the most common killers, you should prepare for the potential financial fallout.

Smoking Increases Your Need for Medical Treatment

Smoking tobacco is an incredibly powerful addictive substance for people. Some people are able to smoke one and immediately stop, others will smoke for the rest of the week because of the one they had a few days before. It causes people to receive a head-rush and get light-headed, but this is because of the dangers the substance contains. Tobacco is a harmful substance attacking your lungs, heart, nervous system and other body parts, once inhaled.

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It can start to clog your arteries and lungs, and it’s what causes shortness-of-breath in many people when they are doing simple tasks. Something as simple as carrying boxes upstairs can cause these people to sit down on the couch for a little break. However, the worst aspects of smoking cigarettes is the damage it does to your lungs and heart. Heart disease is an powerful disease to go up against, and it has left many damaged. As a matter of fact, tobacco was the cause of 72 percent of deaths related to heart disease and cancer.

Nonetheless, surviving heart disease is a possible thing to manage; it’s what comes after is terrifying. In order to beat heart disease you’ll need to be able to afford it, and the costs can start to soar past even the highest mountains. The nationwide average for recuperating from heart disease ranges between 30,000 dollars and 200,000 dollars. Meaning, you can pay for more than a year’s worth of health insurance, but without any of the benefits. Thankfully, Insurance Line One offers packages as low as 150 dollars for you to choose from.

Going without health insurance might sound like a positive idea at first, you will be saving money by not spending it on monthly premiums and an annual deductible. However, the benefits of health insurance tower over the drawbacks. One of the main benefits is the health insurance company paying off most of the medical costs.

How Does Health Insurance Help Me?

There are a variety of components making health insurance, but the main one determining price is the type of “metal” chosen. You’ll be given four options; bronze, silver, gold and platinum plans. The more “glamorous” you go in “metal” the more you’ll have to pay in monthly premiums. For instance, bronze plans will need 388 dollars every month; silver packages ask for 428 dollars each month; 507 dollars in monthly premiums for a gold package; and platinum services need 588 dollars.

Bronze plans are typically for people who want to save the most money and are only planning for the worst-case scenario. Were you to have frequent medical needs then you’re going to spend a lot more in out-of-pocket spending. Paying out-of-pocket is whatever is leftover from what your health insurance couldn’t cover. Typically, bronze plans are not suited for people who want to spend little out-of-pocket spending, which is why it will only pay for 60 percent of the costs.

Silver packages will assist you with 70 percent of the bill; gold plans will help with 80 percent of the total; and, finally, platinum services will cover up to 90 percent of the costs. Platinum plans are usually for those with heavy medical needs. They might spend the most in monthly premiums, but they’ll save the most in out-of-pocket spending. Meaning, the 30,000 dollar heart attack bill turns into a measly 3,000 dollars for you to pay.

Did the Affordable Care Act Affect the Marketplace?

A lot of the policies in place today can be attributed to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). For example, healthcare providers can no longer discriminate against those who are sicker than average and those who are usually healthy. Now, there’s only one pricing for everyone looking at the same packages. Health insurance companies are also not allowed to deny you because of a pre-existing condition nor because you developed a life-threatening disease.

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The health insurance companies no longer have a cap on how much they’ll spend on you, either. Instead, the cap is placed on how much you’ll spend a year; for individuals it’s 7,350 dollars and 14,700 dollars for families. Although, in order for this to work health insurance companies increased prices. As a matter of fact, individuals and families both saw an increase in monthly premiums between 56 percent and 63 percent. Thankfully, there are a few healthcare providers still wanting to serve you.

Finding the Perfect Health Insurance for You

Health insurance is essentially a mandatory need for people these days. To go without health insurance you are risking you and your family’s safety. Don’t risk it for the biscuit, because the biscuit is just a moldy, taxing medical bill. Be in the presence of a trusting health insurance company with the goal of making your life easier. It’s why Insurance Line One has carefully organized their insurance packages in a easily navigable index.

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No one should be confused as to what they are getting when the service they are obtaining dictates what they pay and who they see. Being able to maneuver through a simple catalog allows quick knowledge intake, making your life easier. You’ll even be able to take all the time you need because of their open enrollment program. With a year-round enrollment period, you will be able to apply whenever is good for you and granting you the ability to carefully read everything involved. No one should be denied coverage just because they didn’t know there was a deadline.



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