How Can I Get Health Insurance Today?

There is an estimated 28 million people in the United States of America going without health insurance. This is roughly around 10 percent of the population who are vulnerable to the hazards of the medical financing world. Considering 50 percent of the uninsured make less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level—currently, sitting around 24,000 dollars a year—many can’t see the benefits health insurance has to offer.

Although, signing up for health insurance now is guaranteed to lead you to a better life. In addition, there are health insurance companies with the goal of providing you with quality care at an affordably low rate. Signing up with Insurance Line One now will result in you paying only five dollars a day for acceptable care. Nonetheless, actually trying to find a reputable health care provider can be frustrating to deal with.

Where to Look for Health Insurance?

When you actually start looking for health insurance there are many places you can turn to. Typically, the place you are looking at for coverage is known as the marketplace. Living in the modern world, many health care providers have websites to show you about their various policies available. However, depending on your current living situation you may be able to qualify for employer protection.

There are certain businesses out there offering you health benefits, which comes in the form of coverage. These protection plans are not normally seen in the public marketplace, but many can acquire them this way. Additionally, you may be able to look at the current marketplace to find something your work may cover. Although, knowing what to look for will help ease the process.

What to Look for in Health Insurance?

When you start looking at health insurance there many factors you need to be conscious of or else it can cost you hundreds more than you anticipated. The amount you’ll spend per month for your coverage, is a major point in health insurance. It’s actually one of the biggest reasons as to why so many people are still going without coverage. However, when you start calculating how often you needed medical care in the previous year and compare it to what you needed in the current year, you will be able to identify how much you should spend a month.


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People with more active lifestyles should choose a protection plan with a more lucrative assistance rate. Additionally, understand the type of service you are going to choose. With four varying options, you can pick something either completely beneficial or truly hindering. For instance, EPOs and HMOs are quite similar in the fact you will have most of your medical services covered through them as long as it’s within their network.

However, HMOs will usually require you to live in a certain area or work in a general location. PPOs and a POS plan aren’t as unique as the formers, but you’ll receive a reduced charge when you use these services. Despite this, a POS won’t let you see a specialist without a referral from your general doctor. A PPO allows specialist visits, as well as the ability to see outside services, but you’ll need to pay an additional fee for both.

These services can be the difference between paying 200 dollars for a doctor visit and going in for free. At least 63 percent of the uninsured population are worried about paying for normal care. You might even be one of these people, or the 76 percent who don’t know how they are going to pay for treatment when they get sick. Luckily, you won’t need to delay care—like 23 percent of the uninsured population—anymore when you actually acquire this service.

When Will My Health Insurance Kick In?

Once you finally obtain coverage the next question is usually when it will start taking effect. Usually it takes a couple weeks, between two weeks and a month, but some are much sooner, for the application to be looked at and confirmed. After it’s been confirmed it will usually start to work within a week or two, or even the first of the month. Although, it does depend on your actual package, which you need to thoroughly read so you know you aren’t tricked.

How Useful Is Health Insurance, Really?

Many people don’t see the value in health insurance, primarily because there’s an unsettling amount of misinformation out there when it comes to it. However, it will help you in various fields when it comes to medical services. One of the biggest advantages for you is the assistance rate you will receive when you sign-up. The type of “metal” you choose will determine how much you pay in monthly premiums and in out-of-pocket spending.

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For instance, bronze packages are the first of options and it’s mainly for people who are planning for the worst-case scenario. It’s why you’ll only need to spend a measly estimated amount of 388 dollars a month to have 60 percent covered. Silver plans will need a premium around 428 dollars to help you with 70 percent of the bill. To have up to 80 percent covered you will need to forfeit an estimated 507 dollars each month for a gold package.

Finally, platinum services, which are typically acquired by people with heavy medical conditions and/or frequently pick up expensive medication. Sure, it’s going to be around 583 dollars a month, but you’ll have up to 90 percent covered. There are even specific locations with the potential of paying off all the medical charges, but you need to search for these places through your insurance packet. Altogether, health insurance will drop the price by more than half.

Choosing the Best Health Care Provider

Health insurance is a gargantuan medical service to use and it’s only here to make your life easier. Suffering from a physical trauma is already hard enough to handle, tacking on hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars. To make matters worse, many health insurance businesses will try and insert obstacles to prevent themselves from helping you; Insurance Line One wants to change this shady practice.

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Starting services off at a low price of 150 dollars a month is a step in the right direction. But, we have also arranged our available services into an easy to read format. This prevents confusion from arising and allows you to completely comprehend what is being laid out for you. Additionally, you will be able to take as long as you want making a decision through our year-round open enrollment. Don’t rush into a decision where error is higher to occur, make careful decisions with someone who wants to ensure you succeed.



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