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Living in California you start to develop a certain lifestyle. The constant nice and hot weather allows you to always live an active outdoor lifestyle. There’s always the constant events and lightlife happening to make sure there is always a fun occasion going on. California has even developed a historic low for uninsured Californians. Sitting at a comfortable 7.4 percent uninsured rate with a population of 39.54 million, only 2.9 million people are lacking coverage.

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Dropping from a high 17.2 percent to the historic low of 7.4 percent in 2016, is attributed to the passing of the Affordable Care Act. It allowed millions more to be able to afford health insurance without any dramatic financial repercussions. Placing an out-of-pocket spending cap of 7,350 dollars for individuals and 14,700 dollars for family plans, it prevented people from spending their yearly salary on medical bills. Beforehand, health insurance companies had a cap on how much they would spend on the client.

Now, it releases the anxiety these financial stressors can create. This includes the problem of insuring all your children, were you in a big family. Families with more than three children don’t have to worry about the costs of covering your fourth, fifth or sixth child now. As long as your children are under the age of 20, you’ll only have to pay for the three oldest. However, once they turn 21 you have to pay for them and the three next oldest. They’ll even be able to stay on your plan until they’re 26, were you to want them too.

Unfortunately, 2.9 million people is still a large amount of people to be uninsured. This leaves men, women and children vulnerable to calamity. As a matter of fact, 16.7 percent of the population who delay seeing medical services are uninsured. They cite the high costs of medical care as the reason they avoid seeing the doctor sooner. Unfortunately, this can be due to the high costs of living in California.

The Costs of Living in California

California is the largest state in the United States of America. It’s massive population has led to increases in price in several categories of life. For example, in the city of Los Angeles, the cost of rent is typically above the price of 1,500 dollars for a small studio apartment. Food costs a couple dollars more on average and prices of gas is on average a dollar more than the nation.

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This leads many Californians to try and decide what is more important to them, and a worrying amount will consider health insurance as one of the least important services to pay for. 29 percent of people will consider the costs of health insurance as one of the justifications for not having health insurance and with over half of the population making less than 50,000 dollars it is understandable to see why. Most people have families and keeping their family alive is their main priority. However, were you to need medical services the bill can destroy your family.


Average Medical Service Costs In California

In the state of California, heart disease is the main contributor to mortality. Taking into account 60,299 people die a year from this development it’s better to be safe than sorry. After all, heart disease is a survivable problem, with thousands living to see another day after the original event. However, the costs of surviving is a complete different story to deal with. The low end total costs of surviving a heart attack in the Inland Empire will surmount to 19,106 dollars.

Conversely, this is only if everything goes according to plan and they use the least expensive equipment. The high estimate for heart attack recovery can reach 82,653 dollars. This is more than most people will see in three years, let alone one year. However, were you to have insurance the average amount you’d have to pay is 532 dollars. This is a miniscule fraction of the original price, showing how beneficial health insurance is.

Of course, heart disease is a serious and rare medical condition, but a broken arm isn’t. A broken arm can still run you thousands of dollars—2,500 dollars—without the use of surgery. With surgery, you’ll need to drop 13,500 dollars, which is not something most people can afford. Thankfully, there are health insurance companies offering packages as low as 150 dollars. After all, even if you do go uninsured you’d still have to pay massive fees.

The Costs of Being Uninsured

The passing of the Affordable Care Act left many imprints on our health care industry. The way it is more affordable for people is one of them, but it’s also left a fine for those who refuse to purchase health insurance still. Offering you two options, the government will pick the one where you’ll have to pay the most.

Either pay 2.5 percent of your annual salary or the average premium, or you’ll have to 695 per person uninsured. Not only will you have to pay this, but you’ll need to settle on the costs of using their services. Even one stay in the hospital can cause a forfeiture of 2,200 dollars. Essentially, you’ll be paying the costs of having health insurance for more than a year, without any of the benefits it comes with.

Finding Affordable Health Insurance in California

Living in a world inundated with massive amounts of information being shared and products being advertised, it can be frustrating to find the right health insurance package for you. Insurance Line One wants to change the way health insurance is ran. Offering open enrollment all year you’ll never be denied coverage because you were late to fill out your application.

With a list of choices to pick from, their catalog will have the exact plan you are looking for. The only requirement is for you to fill out their form to show your interest. They’ll get in contact with you to see what you are interested in and what will work with you. Don’t fall into financial ruin because of something you couldn’t control; ensure your survival after you recover.



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