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No matter where you live, the difference in what you pay is noticeable. Whether it’s the high tax placed on alcohol in Utah or the higher cost of living in California, there’s always a difference. There’s even slight alterations within the cities you live in. For example, in California, medical service costs are vastly different depending on the county you live. With the number one killer in the state, and the nation, being heart disease it’s important to know how much it’ll cost after you survive.

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Looking at the Inland Empire, you’ll see the total amount of recovery from a heart attack would run you 19,106 dollars. Without health insurance to aid you, this is enough to bankrupt some people. This is looking at the lower end total costs of it, too. The high end estimation for recovery from a heart attack in the Inland Empire would require you to forfeit 82,000 dollars. With over 50 percent of the uninsured population making less than 50,000 dollars, most families would be ruined for life because of something they couldn’t control.

However, with the help of health insurance, you’d only have to pay a measly 532 dollars. You won’t have to figure out how to survive after you’ve recuperated from a life-threatening event. Obviously, not everyone will have to deal with a heart attack, but almost everyone has had to deal with a fractured, dislocated or sprained wrist or hand. In the Inland Empire, this will only run you a simple 60 dollars.

Although, being uninsured will make you fork up an estimated 3,000 dollars. Were you to actually break your arm and need surgery this can cost you an additional 10,000 dollars. Altogether, the rehabilitation of most injuries or diseases will require you to expend thousands of dollars without health insurance. Fortunately, many health insurance companies have various services in their catalog of insurances. Nonetheless, you need to know what to look for in health insurance and how it works.

Starting Your Search for Health Insurance

The idea of health insurance has changed throughout the years, especially with the passing of the Affordable Care Act. It made health insurance more affordable, allowing millions of Americans to acquire the service. Now, they don’t have to live paycheck-to-paycheck to survive nor pick up multiple jobs for their family. Creating a cap on how much you will pay out-of-pocket, it prevented your health insurance from paying only a couple thousand and leaving you with the rest.

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The current cap for individuals is 7,350 dollars and 14,700 dollars for family plans. Depending on the type of “metal” you choose, you’ll have to pay the full cap or barely a fraction of the total. Bronze, silver, gold and platinum are your options and they determine how much you’ll pay in monthly premiums and annual deductible. The more you pay in monthly premiums, the less you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket. Bronze services average around 388 dollars a month; silver plans have an estimated monthly premium of 428 dollars; gold packages request 507 dollars a month; and platinum plans require 583 dollars a month.

Picking a bronze plan will save you the most in monthly premiums, but if you need to see the doctor frequently you’ll pay a majority of it out-of-pocket. People with little medical needs and are only planning for the worst-case scenario typically choose a bronze plan. Platinum plans are usually reserved to those with more finances and a bigger need for medical services. Combining a platinum plan with an EPO will allow you to have most of your treatments covered, but these plans are expensive and rare.

EPOs and HMOs will cover your services as long as they are within the package’s network, unless it’s an emergency then they’ll be covered as well. However, HMOs will require you to live in a certain location or work in the general vicinity. Unlike EPOs and HMOs, PPOs and a POS plan won’t fully cover your costs, but you’ll be able to pay a lowered price. Although, a POS will ask you for a referral to see a specialist. A PPO won’t ask you for a referral, but you’ll have to pay an additional cost to see outside services and specialists. Combining all of these factors, you’ll come to a conclusion on a price. Thankfully, there are little restrictions because of the Affordable Care Act.

Prior Restrictions to Health Insurance

Health insurance companies can no longer discriminate against those who are sicker. Before, these companies were able to deny people because of their medical needs, such as having a pre-existing condition. Even if they did cover these people, they were given a higher price to balance out their needs. After all, they needed to balance out the needs of those who are sicker compared to those with little healthcare needs. Unfortunately, even if you were healthy the whole time you originally had coverage, they were able to drop you once you developed an illness. Now, prices are universal and aren’t discriminatory.

Picking the Perfect Health Care Package

When it comes to picking the right health insurance company, there are lists upon lists of services out there to choose from. However, most of these companies want to just siphon as much money as possible without actually trying to benefit you. Insurance Line One wants to change this ideology.

Offering open enrollment all year, you’ll never be denied coverage because you missed the deadline. Dental, life, health, vision and vehicle are just some of the insurance they provide. Packages start as low as 150 dollars, which means you’ll be able to find the right health care plan for you. You shouldn’t be going into bankruptcy because of something you didn’t want. Treat the time after this incident as recovery, not a strenuous marathon to pay off the bills.



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