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Cheap Health Insurance in Delaware

Not many people understand the complexities associated with health insurance coverage. They either ignore the service’s guidelines entirely or choose a package not suitable for their lifestyle. This can also cause people to have the wrong idea about what coverage actually pertains to. A majority of people actually believe health insurance is a catch-all service capable of waiving any medical charges you accumulate.

However, this is the wrong idea and causes people to go uninsured rather than actually have this coverage. Health insurance is capable of aiding you in a lot of your medical problems, but it isn’t a catch-all service. Insurance Line One is one of these beneficial companies, and they want to make it easier for people to acquire this much-needed service. Starting our services off at a low-rate of five dollars a day makes it easier for many other people to obtain something with the ability to majorly help their lives.

Is It Cheaper to go Uninsured?

Many of the people who are going uninsured say they can’t afford the service, but there is still a heavy population of people who just don’t see the value in it. This belief they don’t need health insurance stems from the idea you can just live a save life and eat a healthy diet and you’ll be all fine. However, this isn’t the case, you can’t control how other people act or react. Their ignorance can result in your injury or development of a harmful illness, which is why it’s important to be prepared for these type of situations.

Although, with the average price for the lowest silver package being set around 320 dollars a month, this might not be the most suitable package for them. However, going uninsured is much more dangerous than actually having the service. For instance, were you or your child to fracture their arm or wrist, then you’d need to drop a minimum of 2,500 dollars. This in the hope you actually see a medical professional in time, though.

Of course, you might be part of the 20 percent of people who delay a needed medical procedure because of the costs. This is nothing to be embarrassed about, but it will result in you spending up to 16,000 dollars or more to fix this now broken arm. Pushing off treatment is common when you are uninsured, but it doesn’t mean you should.

Affordable Health Insurance in Delaware

Health insurance is an incredibly needed service to have in the modern world, but it can be difficult to find the right one for your life. Insurance Line One wants to make this process easier by creating more opportunities for you. This doesn’t just include having the price be set at a low rate of five dollars a day, but meticulously arranging our list of services in a format preventing any confusion.

Without any possibility of confusion from occurring, you won’t have to deal with the frustrations of receiving a bill costing vastly more than you anticipated. Additionally, our year-round open enrollment will give you as much time as you need to make a decision. No one should be denied coverage because they missed the deadline or didn’t even know one existed.


Insurance Line One has an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

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We offer a wide selection of health insurance plans for individuals and their families in Delaware. Our health insurance plans start as low as $150 per month. That’s as little as $5 per day. Give us a call today or click the button below to fill out the form.


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