Cheap Health Insurance in North Carolina

Cheap Health Insurance in North Carolina

Once again, the amount of people who went from uninsured to insured rose, but North Carolina still has an uninsured rate of 11 percent. While millions do have coverage now, a little over a million are still vulnerable to the outside world. The financial landscape of the medical field is astronomically high and cutthroat. Staying one night in a hospital costs you an estimated 2,100 dollars in North Carolina. However, with the addition of health insurance you will be able to keep you and your children safe. Although, it depends on the package you decide on.

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The main determinant for deciding the price of your medical treatments falls on the the type of “metal” chosen. Bronze, silver, gold and platinum will be your options. The more “glamorous” the “metal” the more you’ll pay in monthly premiums, but less out-of-pocket. For instance, a bronze package will ask for 388 dollars a month, but it will pay for 60 percent of the costs. Typically, people with little medical needs and are only planning for the worst-case scenario choose a bronze plan.

A silver plan is for people with a little more medical needs, which is why it costs 428 dollars a month for them to assist you with 70 percent of the bill. Gold packages will pay off 80 percent of the medical costs for a monthly premium of 507 dollars. Finally, the platinum package: paying off 90 percent of the costs for a monthly fee of 588 dollars. Typically, platinum services are for those with frequent medical needs and want to spend the least out-of-pocket. As a family, this might be incredibly costly, but were you to have a superstar athlete as a child—or a partner—then this would be best for you.

Protecting Your Children

An estimated 1.72 million children are injured each year because of sports or sport-related activities. Basketball and football are the sports with the most injuries, as well. These are also two of the most popular sports around with millions of children and adults playing every day. Children are bound to hurt themselves,though, it’s a part of learning personal limits.

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Despite this, the cost of recovery from these traumas—uninsured—reaches the thousands, even millions at times. Thankfully, with the assistance of a reliable health insurance provider you would have to pay a fraction of the cost. For instance, an injured arm typically costs around 2,300 dollars to recover from. Although, this is without the use of surgery, were surgery needed the price would shoot up to 13,500 dollars. Considering most uninsured people make less than the federal poverty level of 12,000 dollars, this is nearly impossible for them to pay off. This is what leads 20 percent of the uninsured population to delay a needed medical service.

Nonetheless, you aren’t out of options; were you to have health insurance this price would drop down to a measly 1,350 on a platinum plan. Of course, this is based on the fact you get a platinum plan, but not everyone can acquire one. A bronze plan is chosen more often, but you’ll still only have to pay 5,400 dollars—out-of-pocket. Thankfully, companies, like Insurance Line One, understand the difficulties of the financial world, which is why they offer packages as low as 150 dollars. It doesn’t matter if you are by yourself or with a family, they will have the service for you.

Losing Health Insurance Because of a Divorce

There are dozens of people who rely on their partner for health insurance. Either, because their job doesn’t provide them with it or because they don’t make enough to actually acquire the service. As a matter of fact, out of all the people with health insurance 21 percent rely on their partner’s employee coverage. However, not every marriage is perfect and some can lead to divorce. 90 divorces happen each day in North Carolina, and some of these dependents are bound to lose coverage they once had. However, you don’t need to worry about this because there are healthcare providers out there who want to help you live your life to the fullest.

Smoking and Healthcare

In North Carolina, smoking is incredibly popular. With a quarter of its population being present smokers and even more being previous smokers, it’s important to understand the consequences of this lifestyle. While smoking does give people a pleasurable feeling, it will increase your chances of heart disease and cancer. As a matter of fact, 72 percent of people who were smoking died because of a tobacco linked illness.

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Surviving heart disease and cancer is possible, but you will still need to prepare for the financial bill of recovery. A low-end estimate for treatment can cost you  around 30,000 dollars; a high-end estimate ranges around 200,000 dollars. Now, with most of the uninsured citing the high costs of health insurance as their main reason for not having it, this would put people in a catatonically shocked state. However, with assistance from your healthcare provider then this price can drop down to a measly 3,000 dollars—on a platinum plan. Furthermore, going uninsured will cause much more problems than actually having it.

Choosing the Right Healthcare Provider

Going uninsured increases your chances of developing a disease and then pushing it off because of the costs. With 23 percent of those uninsured delaying treatment because of the costs this is understandable to see. However, it doesn’t need to be when there are health insurance companies with the goal of making your life easier and better. Insurance Line One offers packages as low as 150 dollars, meaning even those making much less than the federal  poverty level can acquire this service.


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