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When it comes to health insurance there are many benefits to be aware of. It helps reduce the cost of your medical bill, avoiding any medical debt, and you receive a discount on your medication. Health insurance is an incredibly beneficial medical service to use, but there are still millions of people going uninsured in the United States. An estimated 28 million Americans are going without health insurance and this will cause major problems down the line.

Luckily, healthcare providers with the goal of making your life easier do exist. Insurance Line One starts their services off at a low price of 5 dollars a day. If there are 30 days in a month you’ll spend, at most, 150 dollars. But not all months have 30 days, so you’ll end up saving even more money partnering with us. Furthermore, health insurance will assist you during troubling times.

The Benefits of Health Insurance

Discovering you have a life-threatening disease is a traumatic experience to have to go through. Cancer has been found to kill millions of people every year, and in the United States, it ranks as the second most popular killer. Within the nation, it can cost you an estimated average of around 150,000 dollars for medical care. Thankfully, new treatments to counter the effects of cancer are regularly being churned out.

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Unfortunately, for many people with cancer and are uninsured, the price tag can average around 100,00 dollars. You might even be part of the majority who make less than 24,000 every year, making these costs nearly impossible to pay off. However, with a reputable health insurance company by your side, these worries will be a thing of the past.

The main determinant for deciding how much you pay in monthly premiums and in out-of-pocket spending is the type of “metal” chosen. There are four main groups of “metal” you can choose from; bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Bronze is your base “metal” and it’s typically reserved for people who want to spend the least amount of money on monthly premiums. It’s why it costs an estimated 388 dollars a month to have 60 percent of your bill covered.

However, you might be the type to want a bigger assistance rate, and you aren’t alone. Silver plans will help you with 70 percent of the bill, but you need to spend an estimated 428 dollars a month. To have 80 percent covered you’ll need to forfeit an estimated monthly cost of 507 dollars for a gold plan. Finally, platinum services are for those with heavy medical needs and frequently pick-up expensive medication.

You’ll have up to 90 percent of your bill covered, but at a costly estimated monthly premium around 583 dollars. This can turn the 150,000 dollar bill into a moderate 15,000 dollars. As someone with a dreadful disease, it’s important to protect yourself as much as possible. As a matter of fact, cancer carriers are two and half more times as likely to declare bankruptcy than healthy people. Then, they have an 80 percent higher chance of dying from this disease compared to cancer patients who didn’t go bankrupt.

Altogether, health insurance is capable of assisting your life immensely. Don’t risk your financial security when you are already physically compromised. This is only going to cost you more in the long-run and cause you more pain. However, there are some factors hindering health insurance, which need to be fixed in another way.

Is Health Insurance Enough?

Many health insurance companies provide people with ancillary benefits. Ancillary benefits are perks not touched upon in regular health insurance packages. This can encompass dental, vision, and life insurance. The addition of this package into your program will greatly reduce the amount you’ll have to spend on healthcare. Life insurance particularly discusses what happens when you develop a mortal disease, like cancer.

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This can aid you in medication and treatment, which can be costly when left alone. As a matter of fact, 32.6 billion dollars out of the 374 billion Americans spend on prescription drugs was for oncology drugs. It’s not the fact they are widely used, it’s just how expensive these costs can get. In addition to this, another 11.1 billion dollars was used for treatment to slow down the side effects of strong chemotherapy drugs.

Many ancillary benefit packages only cost between 50 dollars to 250 dollars, as well. Making it an incredibly affordable package to pay for something saving your life. These benefits also come in various forms; the most popular being the short-term contract offered. Furthermore, going without health insurance is a much riskier lifestyle than you might anticipate.

Risks of Going Uninsured

When you are going without health insurance you are not only risking your financial safety but your physical well-being, as well. An estimated 18 percent of people going without health insurance choose to postpone picking-up their medication because of the costs. This is in the hope you actually see the doctor regularly, which 23 percent of the uninsured population don’t. Pushing off your use of medication can be the last thing you do.

Where Should I Buy Prescription Insurance?

Health insurance is an incredibly helpful service, but it can’t fix all of your medical problems. This is why ancillary benefits exist to help you when your health insurance can’t. Unfortunately, many companies will leave out useful policies so you have to acquire their extra services. Insurance Line One wants to change the way this is done. Not only do we start our services at a low price of 150 dollars a month, but we’ve also meticulously organized our list of services to ensure easy readability.

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We don’t want you to choose something because it seemed like a decent policy at the time. This is going to be determining who you see and how much you pay, it’s vital you choose something aiding your lifestyle. To increase the number of opportunities you have, we have created many openings for you to enter. Our year-round open enrollment ensures you will never miss a deadline again and will be insured by the end of the year.



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