How to Save On Car Insurance

Having a good car insurance is wise. But like everything in life, you get what you pay for. No doubt it can be expensive and add to the bills piling on your desk. The good news is that premiums can differ by hundreds based on several factors. Make sure you check your coverage at renewal time to ensure your insurance can meet your unique needs. These practical steps will help you get good coverage at an affordable price.  

Shop Around

Prices can vary greatly from company to company. You ought to get at least three quotes from different types of insurers. Your agent should take the time to answer your questions to your satisfaction. Remember cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Choose a reputable company you feel comfortable with. There are sites out there that provide consumer complaints by company. Make sure your check those.

Raise your deductible

When you choose a higher deductible, you lower your premium costs but set enough money aside to cover the higher deductible in case you ever make a claim. In other words, make sure you feel comfortable with the amount. Ask about the choices for deductibles when comparing auto policies. For example, raising your auto insurance deductible from $200 to $500 will reduce collision and comprehensive premiums. If you raise it to $1,000, you will save much more.

When you own an older vehicle

When your older vehicle is worth ten times less than your premium, consider reducing collision and comprehensive costs. Check out the value of your car on a trustworthy website.

Bundle your insurance and stick to one company

Some insurers offer good discounts to insurees that purchase two or more types of insurance with them like for example, homeowners and auto, or you can have more than one car insured. Also, sometimes it is wise sticking with the same auto insurance company for a while as they may offer a price break after being a long time with them. This is not always the case, so do your homework before you make any assumptions. Compare the costs for a multi-policy discount from an insurance company with purchasing insurance with other companies independently.

Keep a good credit history

This can have many benefits, including lower insurance premiums. Many insurance companies use credit information to give you a quote. According to research, people with a good credit history make fewer claims. When in doubt, check your credit report and make sure the information is correct.

Low mileage discounts

Sometimes low-mileage drivers are rewarded when they drive less than the average number of miles per year. These discounts may also apply to carpool drivers.

Other discounts

If you are lucky, your insurer may also provide other discounts. For instance, if you haven’t had an accident or violations during a specific period, or took a defensive driving course, you may qualify to receive a discount. Also, if you have a young driver on your policy who is a good student, has taken a driving course for educational purposes or in college without a vehicle, you may be able to lower your rate.  Other discounts may include paperless, SmartRide or SnapShot, affinity, multi-car, and new vehicle.

Drive Safely

This may sound too obvious, but it’s a good reminder and worth mentioning here. You will pay less if you drive safely. Some drivers may even offer monitoring your driving habits to help reduce your premiums.

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