Find Affordable Car Insurance After A DUI

While you can expect your rates to increase after you drive under the influence (DUI), known as driving while intoxicated (DWI) in some states, there are ways to cut your losses. You may want to search for insurers that offer the smallest rate increase, those with good discounts, and those that offer the best coverage to high-risk drivers. Also, be honest. Your auto insurer may not know about your DUI, but they can find out. You want to avoid further dangers that may cause your rates to increase more than they should. Request quotes and discounts from different companies and get the best available rates.

Will It Get More Expensive?

The main goal of your insurer is to predict the costs and account for risk. They will raise your rates after a DUI since driving intoxicated is among the top three causes of traffic fatalities. Also, you won’t be eligible for safe driver discounts and due to the risk you pose, your insurer may choose to non-renew your policy. In other words, it will cost you. The good news is that the scale of the premium hike can vary greatly from insurer to insurer.

Finding The Best DUI Insurance

Yes, most insurance providers will indeed increase premiums after a DUI charge, but some are more expensive than others. Rates generally increase by geographic location. Though large companies may offer cheap rates, sometimes a local insurer may suit you better. The best way to find out which company has the best offers is to get several quotes. Among the key factors that insurers take into account when calculating your rate is driving record prior to the DUI – whether your history has been cleared of citations. Insurance companies also consider the type of accident. For instance, the rates may go up higher if you were involved in a multi-vehicle crash than if the police pulled you over at a low speed.  

SR-22 Proof Of Insurance

This is a form filed with the state, which certifies that you carry at least the state-mandated car insurance amount. The insurer guarantees to the state that you maintain coverage and are financially liable for any accidents and will notify the state if you don’t. You purchase an SR-22 after a policy was acquired. If your insurer doesn’t file this form or you don’t have insurance, you have to purchase a new policy. The SR-22 proof of insurance is often required for up to three years after a suspended license.

Canceled Coverage

After a DUI, your insurer may decide to cancel your policy to prevent the risk of covering your next crash. Unfortunately, a DUI is the top reason why many drivers must buy auto insurance elsewhere. Luckily, your insurer will cover all damages and injuries at the time of the accident even if you cancel your coverage with hem later on.

Coverage May Be Denied But You Got Options

There is no guarantee that a given company will ensure you after a DUI. If you are denied coverage, you still got options to explore. Every insurance company will interpret your DUI differently. Shop around and compare costs for lower car insurance premiums. Start your search today.


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