Average Cost of Health Insurance for a Family of Three in New York City

Health insurance is an incredibly viable service today. It helps you pay off medical charges you normally wouldn’t have been able to support. Starting a family you are more in a position to acquire this much-needed service because of the complications children can cause you. Health insurance is capable of reducing your medical bill by more than half were you in the right hands. However, you might be part of the 45 percent who cite the high costs of coverage as their reason to remain uninsured.

Considering at least 50 percent of the uninsured make less than 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level, which is currently around 24,000 dollars, it’s no wonder so many can’t justify this service. However, you shouldn’t be one of these millions because of the dangers going uninsured causes. Additionally, there are health care providers offering services at a low price of five dollars a day. Insurance Line One wants to make sure you can support your family or future one in times of need.

What is the Average Cost to Give Birth in New York?

Starting a family can be a lifetime goal for many while for others it’s just another step in their journey called life. Either way, you need to be prepared for many of the responsibilities it entails. However, before any of your adventures can start you need to make sure your child is developing properly and this involves going to see the doctor for things like ultrasounds and prenatal tests.

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Were you to go without health insurance these costs can quickly add up. Now, depending on where you can pay as little as 8,000 dollars for a vaginal delivery, but it can also reach up to 30,000 dollars for delivery. This includes the 24 to 48 hours where you’ll need to stay in the hospital and rest up. However, were you to want a cesarean section delivery, then it will drive up the minimum amount you’ll spend by 3,000 dollars; resulting in an 11,000 dollars delivery.

Additionally, having children can still be costly were you uninsured. For instance, there was a family who went to see a doctor over a bleeding pinky finger on their daughter. So, this new family of three went to the emergency room for help, but when the bill arrived they saw they had to pay a minimum of 670 dollars. Without health insurance, this can be a costly bill for something as simple as a bloody finger. Thankfully, there are health care providers with the goal of insuring you with affordable prices.

Who Should Protect My Family?

Trying to find a reputable health care provider can be difficult, particularly because of the hidden obstacles many places will try and sneak into their policies. Insurance Line One wants to change the way health insurance is seen and handled. Starting our services at a low price of five dollars a day is our first step toward achieving our goal. We understand it can be difficult to justify a service you don’t normally use. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry because once you are put in this difficult situation you can be left in financial ruin.

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Furthermore, we guarantee you will find something for your lifestyle while looking through our packages. We’ve carefully laid out our available services into an easy-to-read format to ensure you aren’t confused when making a decision. You shouldn’t have to settle for something similar to what you want when you can obtain what you exactly need. Our year-round open enrollment will allow you to take as long as you want making a decision. This is going to be determining who you see and how much you pay, it’s vital you make the right call.






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