Average Cost of Health Insurance for a Family of Three in Houston

Health insurance is an important medical service to have in the modern-day. Without it you are susceptible to the many problems the uninsured have to deal with. However, with 50 percent making less than 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level—currently set around 24,000 dollars—it’s understandable to see why so many people are still choosing to go uninsured. The state of Texas actually has an uninsurance rate of around 15 percent.

An estimated four million people are going without health insurance in Texas. Many of these people cite the high costs for their reasoning of going uninsured, but a good amount also don’t see the value in this helpful service. Insurance Line One wants to change this perception and turn health insurance into a positively looking place people can turn to. We are starting this transition by providing packages at a low rate of five dollars a day. Now, millions can justify this service, and avoid the messes going uninsured can create.

Being a Parent

As a parent, the most important thing in your life is your child’s safety. However, you can’t be around them every second of the day. You need to let them experience the world through their own ambitions and passions. This includes sports, which children actively play at school, with friends or even at home. Everyone knows to wear the appropriate gear, but accidents can happen at random, which is why you need to be prepared for it no matter what.

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Every year an estimated 1.6 million children go to the hospital for sports or sports-related activities. Within these injuries, a broken or fractured arm, wrist or finger reign the highest. Without any health insurance coverage, you are going to need to spend a minimum of 2,500 dollars for recovery. However, this is if you don’t need surgery; surgery included will shoot the price up to a low-end estimate of 16,000 dollars.

Furthermore, if your child has to have metal implants or tools inserted into the arm, it will also raise the price by a couple thousand dollars. This is why health insurance is important because it assists you during these hard times. Depending on the type of “metal” you choose, you can have anywhere from 60 to 90 percent of your medical costs waived. This is why health insurance is vital to surviving because it more than halves the total bill given to you.

Where Should You Get Coverage in Houston?

Going uninsured may seem like a pleasant idea at first, but you are only risking your financial safety. You might even be part of the 23 percent of uninsured people who delay medical treatment because of the costs. But, this is only going to worsen your condition, resulting in you spending more money than necessary. Insurance Line One wants to make sure you can see medical professionals when you need to.

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Starting our services off at a low price of five dollars a day creates many opportunities for those making low wages. Additionally, we’ve carefully organized our list of services into an easy-to-read format to prevent any confusion. You shouldn’t have to hastily make a decision because you didn’t understand what was being laid out to you. Our year-round open enrollment will guarantee you the time you need to choose an option.






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