Average Cost of Health Insurance for a Family of Three in Dallas

Currently, the state of Texas has an uninsured population of around 15 percent. With a population around 27,000,000 and with 15 percent being uninsured, an estimated 4,000,000 are going without health insurance. You might even be one of these millions, and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. Many people cite the high costs as to why they continue to go uninsured. As a matter of fact, an estimated 45 percent of the uninsured state they can’t justify paying this much for a service they won’t really need.

However, as a parent about to deliver their first born child into the world, it’s important to have health insurance for this new family of three. Insurance Line One starts our services off at a low price so even those making low wages will be able to obtain this much-needed service. Our services are set at a low price of five dollars a day, which is already vastly cheaper than the nationwide average for a bronze package—388 dollars a month.

Problems With Going Uninsured

Many of the people who are going uninsured say they will never need this service because they live a cautious and healthy life. However, this mindset is only going to cause more complications down the line. For instance, you are more likely to delay care when you are uninsured than you are insured. This continuous pushback results in your suffering being pushed to further limits.

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This will then cause the medical bill to rise higher because they need to compensate for all the time you delayed getting care. Additionally, childbirth isn’t cheap when you are uninsured and can push you over the edge.

Average Cost for a Vaginal Delivery in Dallas

When the time finally comes to deliver your baby, there are two ways you can handle this. First, there is a C-Section, which is a surgical incision done on the abdomen and uterus. Secondly, there is a vaginal delivery, which is the pushing the baby through your uterus and vagina. Many people choose to have to their babies the second way because it’s more affordable than a C-Section.

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However, without health insurance, this can still be a costly procedure to have done. In the city of Dallas, delivering a baby through a vaginal operation will cost you a minimum of 22,000 dollars without health insurance. Despite this, health insurance can reduce the price by more than half depending on the package you choose; anywhere from 60 percent to 90 percent will be discounted from your total bill.

The Best Health Care Provider in Dallas

Health insurance is here to help you during traumatic moments in your life as well as moments you’ll remember forever. It shouldn’t be tainted by the high costs of medical care you needed. Insurance Line One starts services at a low price of five dollars a day to ensure you have an everlasting memory. Our year-round open enrollment will even allow you to take as long as you want making a decision.


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