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Health insurance is an incredibly important medical service to have in the modern world. Yet, many of the people who are going uninsured cite the high costs or lack of value in this service. But, this ideology is based on the idea you will never have to use health insurance, which isn’t true in any way. You can’t control how other people act nor how they behave around you. Their ignorance or lack of care can result in your injury or development of an illness, but it doesn’t mean you should have to suffer through it.

There are many health care providers with the goal of offering you affordable care. Insurance Line One starts services off at a low rate of five dollars a day to ensure everyone has the ability to justify this much-needed service. After all, you wouldn’t want to deal with an injury and the financial fallout of said injury. Plus, when you have a family, it’s important to protect them as much as you can.

Sports and Arkansas

Finding cheap health insurance in Arkansas is possible, but it may take a good amount of time searching around for the most suitable package. However, your family is one of the most important people in your life, which is why it’s important to protect them with a powerful shield. For instance, children love to test out their physical limitations as well as test out new styles of play were they in sports.

Every year, an estimated number of 1.6 million children visit the hospital for sports or sports-related activity. Within these injuries, reigns the highest trauma caused, a broken or fractured arm, wrist or finger. You’ll need to spend a low-end estimate of 2,500 dollars just to heal your arm.

However, with so many people delaying care in the country, the price can quickly rise. You might even be part of the 20 percent who delay needed care because of the costs. This can turn a simple bill for 2,500 dollars into a medical bill charging up to 16,000 dollars or more. Nonetheless, health insurance will be able to reduce the price anywhere from 60 to 90 percent of total costs. It helps when there are companies willing to provide you with affordable care at a reasonable price.

The Best Health Care Provider in Arkansas

Trying to find the best health care provider in Arkansas may seem like a long and impossible task, but it doesn’t need to be. There are many places wanting to give you the coverage you deserve. Insurance Line One is one of these benefactors, providing you with services at a low rate of five dollars a day is just one step in the right direction. Carefully organizing our list of services is an additional step for us to make this decision-making easier.

You shouldn’t have to deal with confusion when you are making such an important decision. After all, confusion will result in you obtaining something not meant for you and costing you volumes more than necessary. To aid in this process, we have also provided you with year-round open enrollment. You’ll be able to take as long as you making a decision, while also avoiding the rejection others have to deal with when they apply past the deadline.


Insurance Line One has an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

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