Affordable Prescription Drug Insurance Coverage

When it comes to health insurance there are a variety of different factors to be aware of. How much you make can be the difference between spending 300 dollars and 500 dollars. What people don’t realize is not all prescription drugs is covered under certain policies. This is why it’s important to completely comprehend the formulary sent when you acquire the service. Although, you might be uninsured and using a formulary will then be impossible.

The United States currently has an uninsured population averaging around 10 percent. There is an estimated 28 million people having to pay astronomically high prices for procedures and remedies. Luckily, Insurance Line One starts health insurance services at an incredibly low price of five dollars a day. Even those living vastly under the federal poverty level (FPL) will be able to afford this service.

The FPL was originally created by President Lyndon B. Johnson to determine who can qualify for government assistance. Currently, at 100 percent it sits around 12,000 dollars. Today, it can be used to subsidize health insurance premiums. Regularly checking where you fall is important because you might be able to acquire a much cheaper package. 

Determining Prescription Drug Prices

When it comes to obtaining your prescription drugs, there are a couple of factors to be aware of. The first part mainly pertains to people with health insurance, but it doesn’t change the importance of the statement. Many health insurance companies have deductibles you need to fulfill before you can start seeing any benefits; this includes medication discounts.

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There are plans where you can start seeing savings before you pay a deductible. With these policies, you will have to pay a coinsurance or copay for prescriptions. A coinsurance is a rate you agreed upon during your sign-up. A copay is a flat rate you’ll need to pay to acquire the medication. Conversely, there are other plans where you will need to completely pay off your deductible before you see any aid.

Granted, these aren’t for everyone, which is why there is more than one option. Finally, there is also a specialized prescription package. This deductible is specifically for prescribed therapeutics and you need to pay it off before you start seeing reduced prices for medication. Thankfully, many companies will help people going uninsured by offering coupons. These coupons can be used to reduce the price of medication, but, depending on the drug’s tier, it can be a difference in the thousands.

Drug Tiers

There are hundreds of different types of medications out there, which means it needs a system to help people keep track of it. Health insurance companies have created a tier system to organize the various medications out there, but be aware of the slight differences between healthcare providers. Not all tiers are symmetrical to each other, which is why you need to read all of the information available before making a decision.

Firstly, tier one—also known as preferred generic or generic brands—are some of the cheapest drugs offered. They have been reported to be anywhere from a couple cents to 20 dollars. The reason for its incredible affordability is because they are produced by almost every company. The patents for these therapeutics expired, meaning anyone can use them now.

Tier two is for brand names, which is why it’s also called preferred brand names. Typically, these sorts of drugs don’t have a generic substitute, but they still average around 20 dollars. Tier three is a different story; it can reach anywhere from 40 dollars to 80 dollars. Most of the time these drugs have a generic substitute, but they are still vastly more expensive than tier one.

Finally, tier four is known as the specialty drugs. These are for rarer conditions, such as cancer or cardiovascular diseases. These remedies can even be more expensive than tier three, however, determining the price is based on your coinsurance. However, the inclusion of health insurance will reduce the price significantly compared to buying it uninsured.

Will Health Insurance be Enough?

Health insurance is used by almost everyone and it’s because it helps people during financially stressful times. Without health insurance, people will be forced to spend anywhere from 2,500 dollars to 16,000 dollars on a broken arm or a range from 30,000 dollars to 200,000 dollars for heart attack recovery. Howver, depending on the type of “metal” you choose you can have this bill more than halved.

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For instance, on a bronze package you will have your bill reduced by at least 60 percent, but you’ll need to spend an estimated monthly premium of 388 dollars. Next in line is a silver plan, which will cost somewhere around 428 dollars a month, but you’ll have up to 70 percent of the medical charges covered. To have 80 percent of your total bill reduced you’ll need to spend an estimated 507 dollars on a gold policy.

Finally, platinum services are for those with heavy medical needs and frequently fill out expensive medication. It’s why you can have up to 90 percent of the medical bill covered, but you’ll need to spend around 583 dollars for it. This will be able to turn the broken arm billl into 250 dollars and 1,600 dollars, respectively. Furthermore, there are certain locations able to cover all of it, but this information will be given in your formulary.

Choosing the Best Healthcare Provider

Health insurance is here to help you during strenuous financial times. An estimated 63 percent of the uninsured worry about paying medical services for a normal check-up. Another 72 percent of the uninsured is worried about compensating the charges when they get sick. You shouldn’t have to worry about recovering just because you don’t make income wise. Insurance Line One has the goal of changing this.

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We don’t just start our services at a low monthly premium of 150 dollars. We have also carefully arranged our list of services into an easy-to-read format. This prevents any confusion from occurring during your decision making process. To enhance your experience you are encouraged to apply at anytime during the year. Our year-round open enrollment creates new opportunities for people who would have been denied otherwise. Don’t rush into a decision because time is running short, choose something best suited for your lifestyle.



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