Affordable Individual Health Insurance in North Carolina

Affordable Individual Health Insurance in North Carolina

North Carolina has recently just had their uninsured rate lowered, again. Sitting at a hefty 11 percent, millions of North Carolinians now have health insurance and don’t need to stress about the problems of going uninsured. Considering how much people in North Carolina smokes, it’s important to have a service able to protect you and assist you in your times of need. Smoking tobacco alreadys lowers your lifespan by ten years, there’s no need to go into bankruptcy because of a sickness you developed.

Being an Uninsured Smoker

In the state of North Carolina, an estimated 17 percent of people report themselves as smokers, and another estimated 25 percent consider themselves former smokers. However, it doesn’t matter if you smoked once or once every three hours, you are still vulnerable to a potential disease developing because of it. As a matter of fact, 73 percent of the deaths by smokers were caused by a disease linked to smoking tobacco.

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Heart disease and cancer are probably the biggest injections you can acquire because of it. Were you to actually need medical treatment because of heart disease then you would need to have thousands of dollars to pay it off. Considering over half of the uninsured population make less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level, this bill would be nearly impossible to pay off.

***STYLE ELEMENT (PRO TIP: WHAT IS THE FEDERAL POVERTY LEVEL?) The federal poverty level (FPL) was originally created by President Lyndon B. Johnson to see who can qualify for government help. Currently, the FPL sits around a salary of 12,000 dollars and 38 percent of the uninsured in North Carolina make less than it. Were your annual income to fall under this category, you will most likely be able to receive assistance from the government.***

Heart disease is a beatable disease, as well as cancer, but it doesn’t matter how much determination you have to survive, you’ll still need to pay the astronomically high costs for recovery. Were you to need to go the hospital for a heart attack, you will need to drop a minimum of 30,000 dollars for them to treat you. This is just the low-end estimate of recovery, a high-end estimate can cost you 200,000 dollars. Seeing as the federal poverty level is around 12,000 dollars—and most of the uninsured make less than this—paying this bill would be impossible, without assistance.

How Does Health Insurance Help?

Health insurance is a rather new idea we’ve adapted into our life. Before, health insurance was always seen as a luxury for the wealthy, particularly because it was expensive with little benefits. Health insurance companies were able to discriminate in their pricing of who pays more and less. They were also be able to drop you as a client were you to develop a life-threatening disease. This all changed when the Affordable Care Act was implemented.

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Now, there is no longer a cap on how much your healthcare provider can assist you with, instead, the cap is placed on how much you’ll spend on medical bills; for individuals, it’s 7,350 dollars. Another determinant on pricing is the type of “metal” you choose. There are four metals for you choose to from; bronze, silver, gold and platinum, but each has their own benefits and drawbacks. For instance, if you were someone who has little medical needs and is planning for the worst-case scenario, then a bronze plan would be for you.

A bronze plan will only cost around 388 dollars a month for them to pay off 60 percent of your bill. Platinum plans are the most expensive in monthly premiums—588 dollars a month—but they’ll pay up to 90 percent of the costs. Meaning the 30,000 dollars low-end estimation for heart attack recuperation turns into a measly 3,000 dollars. Granted, this is still probably more than you’d want to pay, but it’s incredibly cheaper than the full 30,000 dollars. Combining this with a service plan will ultimately determine how you respond to medical treatment.

There are four service plans for you to choose from; EPOs, HMOs, PPOs and a POS plan. EPOs and HMOs are the most sought after because they will cover your costs as long as it’s within the healthcare providers network. You can use outside services only during an emergency with them. However, HMOs will demand you live in a certain location, or work in the general vicinity of an area.

PPOs and a POS won’t fully cover you like the prior two, but, you’ll receive a reduced total of the bill. PPOs will even let you see outside services and specialists, but at an additional fee. However, a POS will only let you see a specialist if you have a referral from your primary physician. Considering, 49 percent of those uninsured don’t have a regular source for care, this can completely change your expenditures. The only thing you need to do now is find a trustworthy healthcare provider.

Protecting Yourself With Health Insurance

Health insurance is a mandatory service in this modern age. Without coverage you are vulnerable to the problematic world of medical finance. These costs are enough to bankrupt people, all because they wanted to stop being in pain. To change this unequal distribution of health insurance Insurance Line One offers incredibly affordable insurance packages for you to choose from.

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Starting services as low as 150 dollars, even those making 200 percent of the FPL are able to acquire this package. You shouldn’t be denied medical help because you don’t have the financing for it. This causes people to deal with chronic pain for longer than they need to. As a matter of fact, 20 percent of the uninsured avoid seeing necessary medical treatment because of the cost. Another 49 percent of uninsured people don’t have a regular doctor to see either. You might even be one of the thousands, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Providing you with open enrollment year-round, you will no longer have to wait until enrollment opens up again. The service you decide not only determines who you see but how much it’ll cost to see them. Insurance Line One recommends thinking carefully about your potential package before getting it. Were you to have any questions, they’ll be able to answer them right away. All it takes is for you to click a link and email them your message. Don’t risk financial ruin and chronic pain because you want to save a couple bucks.



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