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As the insurance industry experiences changes at the federal and state level, some families struggle to hold onto their health coverage. Data provided by the Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation indicates that 45% of people without health insurance name cost as the primary reason for being uninsured. Other reasons include loss of job, changed employers or ineligibility for coverage. In 2016, 74% of nonelderly uninsured Americans worked for an employer that did not offer health benefits.

Studies repeatedly demonstrate the having health coverage is the best way to receive preventative care and services for chronic illness and diseases. Nearly one in five uninsured, nonelderly adults named not having health insurance as the only reason they didn’t receive preventative care. 49% of uninsured adults named not having a regular place to go when they are sick as the reason for not receiving preventative care.

Having health coverage is an assured way to provide your family with safety and security. As the primary determiner of whether or not your family will have access to preventative care, having health insurance is directly correlated to a lower risk of disease and higher access to prescription medication. If access to a network provider or premium costs are preventing you from having health coverage, call Insurance Line One today. As one of a handful of insurance companies able to underwrite in all 50 states, Insurance Line One will help you find affordable health coverage for your family. Our lowest health coverage plans start at $150 a month. Call (800) 606-1671 for a free quote.

Why Are so Many Families Uninsured?

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According to data provided by the Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation, not having a usual source of care accounts for 49% of uninsured adults who don’t receive regular health care. 23% of adults postpone receiving healthcare because of the cost. 20% went without healthcare because they felt like they didn’t need it. Cost of care and not having a regular provider are the two top reasons why adults don’t receive the healthcare they need, much of which is preventative care. Having health insurance can be the difference between life and death. Studies show that people receiving necessary care greatly reduces the chance of disease and improves overall quality of life.

Uninsured families are more likely than those with insurance to be hospitalized for avoidable health problems. Regular doctor visits can help families prevent disease and avoid unnecessary hospital visits. Also, those without insurance may face exorbitant medical bills that can place great strains on budges. In 2016, nonelderly uninsured adults were more than twice as likely than insured adults to have problems paying medical bills. Two thirds of those with problems paying medical bills were unable to pay their bills at all.

Insurance Line One Will Help You Quality for Special Programs

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Families who avoid purchasing health insurance because of a high premium cost or lack of providers may qualify for a special program. An Insurance Line One agent will help you know if you qualify for subsidized health care such as Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP. Eligibility for these programs varies depending on the state. The expert team at Insurance Line One will assess your risk and try find the most affordable healthcare coverage available. Since we are certified to underwrite in 50 states, our agent will identify any state or federal healthcare subsidy that you qualify for. Call (800) 606-1671 for inexpensive family health insurance.


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