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How to Get Affordable Health Insurance

Since it is illegal for insurance vendors to charge different prices for the same plans, finding affordable health insurance is about exploring your options. There is a wide range of insurance providers, including state and federal exchange programs, that will provide you with varying amounts of coverage. While shopping around, compare your state exchange program with some of the plans offered directly through insurance companies. Remember that the cheapest plans usually come with the least amount of coverage. To find affordable health insurance coverage in your state, you will need to look at your state’s subsidies.

Insurance Line One is a viable provider of health, auto, and home insurance. We have recently expanded to include dental, medical supplement, life, motorcycle and commercial insurance. Since 2009, we have helped thousands of families receive affordable and comprehensive coverage. We are one of a handful of national full-service agencies to be licensed to underwrite in all 50 states. All of our plans are eligible for ACA, even outside of open enrollment. No matter your health insurance needs, an Insurance Line One agent will help you get the best rate.

Where to Find Cheap Health Insurance

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The best way to find cheap health insurance is to explore your options. Many people use to apply for and enroll in healthcare coverage. Some states have their own websites where residents can enroll in individual/family or small business health coverage. While enrolling through state exchanges set up through the ACA is convenient, there are several other options.

Buying directly through insurance companies will allow you to easily examine plan details, pricing information, and coverage. Their plans may have greater coverage and lower premiums than most state exchanges. The downside to enrolling in a healthcare plan directly through an insurance company is that it may be difficult to compare their prices to other providers. Buying insurance through an agent may help you narrow down your choices to find a plan that fits your needs.

There are two types of insurance agents: those who offer plans through one company, and those who will help you choose a plan through several insurers. If spending less money is your bottom line, working with an insurance broker will help you compare plans and find one that provides the perfect amount of coverage. Insurance brokers will not charge you for their services. Often, they receive a premium from the insurance company that is tied to the plan you choose. These premiums vary by state, and additional bonuses for returning customers and referrals motivate brokers to not sell their clients on coverages they don’t need. Brokers are required by law to represent their clients’ best interests.  The expert brokers at Insurance Line One have access to a wide selection of policies that offer the most coverage for the lowest price.

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Insurance Line One will help you find the right policy for your family, home, business, and health in order to make sure you are adequately protected. We value long-term relationships, and past clients continue to return to Insurance Line One to find optimal coverage. Call (800) 606-1671 for a free quote, and a friendly agent will help you find affordable health insurance.


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