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What is the Average Cost of Health Insurance for a Family of 3?

Insurance Line One understands the high cost of healthcare without insurance. At any given time in the United States, anywhere from 9% to 13% of people are without health insurance. Depending upon your state, you may be responsible for picking up the cost of a hospital stay that can cost as much as $2,271 per day. We are an A+ accredited agency with the BBB and our health insurance plans start at $150 per month. Call today to speak with one of our representatives about setting up a health insurance plan for you and your family of three.

What Will It Cost My Family to Not Have Health Insurance?

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You can be walking down the street with your family and your son suddenly trips, causing him to fracture his arm. You could also be taking your daughter to martial arts lessons and she gets kicked too hard in the head, requiring you to go see a doctor. When it comes to children, there are a variety of scenarios able to play out needing you to see the doctor after. Without the aid health insurance offers, you will be left with an astronomically high medical bill.

The average cost of a broken leg, without the use of surgery, can average out to 2,500 dollars. This is taking into account some x-rays cost as little as 210 dollars, but some can soar to thousands. Were you to need surgery for your broken leg, you’ll need to drop 17,500 minimum just to get better. There have been times where a broken leg came with the price tag of 35,000 dollars. Now, this is a more extreme case and can be prevented through more cautious steps, but bacteria and viruses are nearly impossible to defend yourself from.

The Cost of Going To the Doctor Without Health Insurance

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If you go to the doctor without health insurance, you can expect to pay $150 to $200 for your doctor visit. For your family, this price tag can add up. The immediate reaction that most people have when they don’t have health insurance is that they just choose not to go to the doctor. Additionally, pharmacy costs without health insurance can also add up. You can spend, on average, $30 for a generic prescription when you go to the doctor without health insurance. Let’s say your child gets sick. If you choose to go to an urgent are facility, this can also be expensive. Consider the following urgent are costs when you take anyone from your family of three to an urgent care center:

  • Xray: $75 to $175
  • Medicine: $25 to $30
  • Blood Test: $500 to $1,000

The Benefits of Health Insurance for Your Family

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Family health insurance is an important service for families in today’s day and age. Without it, people would go bankrupt from dealing with medical bills they couldn’t afford. As you can see from the uninsured doctor, even though you don’t see the doctor often, one trip uninsured can become some people’s salary. The average family health insurance deductible is about 8,000 dollars across the nation, much less than one trip to the hospital.

However, one unfortunate trip to the hospital can ruin you financially. Not only that, but health insurance will help with your child’s future. When children get sick, they are typically held home and taken to the doctor. But, without the aid of family health insurance, families aren’t capable of taking their kids to the doctor. This means the child is staying home longer and missing out on valuable educational opportunities in school.

Of course, you can still send your sick kid to school, but they’ll start to infect other students, and the school might send them home if they’re too sick. This leaves many parents in a tricky situation; leave their child home alone, or take care of them and leave work. This costs you money as well, but you don’t get any benefits from it.

What Did the Affordable Care Act Do for Families?

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With the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), families have been given more pleasures than they had before. For one, families with more than three children under the age of 21 don’t need to worry about excess costs. Now, if you have a family of seven and five of them are children, you only need to pay the deductible and premiums for the oldest three. Your whole family will be insured, but this makes it easier for households with bigger than average families to thrive.

ACA also created a funding cap for you, you’ll never spend past 13,700 dollars out-of-pocket for medical bills. While this may seem like a lot to still pay for yourself, it’s actually a minute amount in the grand amount you could potentially spend. For example, cancers and heart disease can cause you to spend long periods of time in the hospital. Insurance Line One is one of the few health insurance companies out there who wants to work with families and create a pricing suitable for them.

Offering open enrollment throughout the year, you’ll be able to get insured quickly; diminishing your medical costs. No one should have to worry about their child getting better while trying to pay for the medical bills. The added stress of finances can cause divides in families. Finding the right family health insurance can be nerve wracking, but patience will lead you to success.


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