Affordable Family Health Insurance in North Carolina

Affordable Family Health Insurance in North Carolina

Most of the people uninsured cite the high costs as to why they are uninsured. Currently sitting at a hefty 11 percent, millions of North Carolinians are vulnerable to chronic pain and/or financial instability. Those uninsured are left to figure out how to pay for medical bills by themselves. As a matter of fact, 49 percent of those uninsured actually have no usual source of care. This is understandable when you realize a trip to the doctor can cost around 200 dollars, and this is just to see them, let alone staying in the hospital for a night or having tests done.

Staying one night in a hospital can cost you around 2,100 dollars. However, were you in the assistance of a health insurance company you would barely have to spend any money. Nonetheless, millions still choose to remain uninsured, and even have their children go uninsured with them. Going uninsured is much more damaging to the child and yourself than it needs to be.

Protecting Your Child

23 percent of the uninsured actually postpone seeing a doctor because of how expensive the costs are, and another 20 percent delayed a needed medical service because of them. This delay in medical treatment will only further the pain you or your child is facing. This can turn into chronic pain and cause you to pay vastly more, instead of just paying the costs for the minor nuisance you were originally feeling. When you have children, these costs can reach the thousands or even millions.

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Children are bound to get injured, it’s in their blood. This is especially true were your child to play sports frequently. An average of 1.6 million children are injured each year because of sports or sports-related activity. Considering the most common injuries for children in basketball and football are broken bones it’s important to be aware of the costs of recovery from them.

With an injured arm, you will need to drop a minimum of 2,300 dollars, but this is ignoring the use of surgery. The inclusion of surgery shoots the price up to 13,500 dollars. Now, with a large amount of North Carolinians making less than the federal poverty level—which is 12,140 dollars for an individual and another 4,320 dollars per household member—these costs can be impossible to make. Especially, when the cost of surgery is more than what people make in a year. However, the addition of health insurance in your life will completely change how much you will have to spend on rehabilitation.

The Importance of Health Insurance

Health insurance is an incredibly needed service in the time we live in. The astronomically high costs of medical treatment is outrageous and prevents people from getting better. The amount of uninsured making less than the federal poverty line is in the thousands—an estimated 366,000 people. These people don’t see the value in acquiring the service, let alone paying off these medical costs. However, the inclusion of health insurance will drop these prices to a fraction of the cost.

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The main determinant for how much you’ll have to spend will be based on the type of “metal” you choose. Bronze, silver, gold and platinum will be your options, but the more “glamorous” you go, the more you’ll pay in monthly premiums. For instance, bronze packages demand 388 dollars a month; silver plans need 428 dollars in monthly premiums; gold services ask for 507 dollars to help you; and, finally, platinum plans will need a forfeiture of 588 dollars a month to assist you.

While you pay the most in platinum plans, you’ll also be able to save the most money on out-of-pocket spending. This is typically why platinum plans are for those with frequent medical needs, because it’ll pay for up to 90 percent of the costs. Meaning, the high payment of 13,500 for surgery on a broken arm turns into a measly 1,350 dollars. Granted, this is still an uncomfortably high amount to pay, but it’s much better than the total 13,5000 dollars you’d have to pay without the service

You’ll also have to decide on the type of service you want. While the “metal” does determine how much you’ll pay, the service you choose determines the service you’ll receive. There are four service plans for you to choose from, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. EPOs and HMOs will cover your costs as long the service used was in their network. If the service wasn’t with their contract then it needs to be an emergency for them to accept it.

Although—unlike EPOs—HMOs will make you to live in a certain location, or even work in a general area. However, PPOs and a POS plan won’t do any of the benefits previously mentioned, instead, you’ll receive a reduced total. Not only will you receive a discounted total, but with a PPO you can see outside services and a specialist—at an additional cost. Whereas, a POS won’t allow this, but you can see a specialist with a referral from your doctor. Thankfully, there are health insurance companies with the goal of making your life easier and decision-making process simpler.

The Perfect Health Insurance for Your Family

Health insurance is an arduous process to understand. There are various factors going into what you pay and who you see. Although, when you do start to understand how health insurance works making a decision will be much easier. It helps when the healthcare provider simplifies their catalog in a easily maneuverable way, such as Insurance Line One. Carefully cataloging their health insurance packages so you won’t have to deal with any of the confusion normally experienced.

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They even provide you with open enrollment year-round so you won’t be denied coverage because you missed the deadline. Insurance Line One understands how busy life can get, which is why they want to ensure no one will be denied because they forgot about a deadline. They even have insurance packages starting as low as 150 dollars, meaning even those making less than the federal poverty level can get coverage. Don’t risk you and your family’s financial stability because you don’t see the value in protection.



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