Affordable Family Health Insurance Illinois

As you look at the various packages the state of Illinois offers you notice there are two main factors when looking at coverage for your family. The type of service you want and the type of “metal” you choose. There are four main services for you to pick from; Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) plan, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) service type, Point of Service (PPO) packages and a Preferred Provider Organization (POS) plan.

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EPOs and HMOs will both cover your servicing as long as it’s in their network. An exception is during an emergency, then they’ll be more inclined to accept the treatment being done. However, HMOs typically restrict you to a certain location to live or work in. Unless you plan on moving your family to this new location, this might not be for you. There are other options to choose from, though—like a PPO or POS plan.

PPOs and a POS won’t fully cover the services being done, but you’ll be able to pay a reduced price for their treatment. Unfortunately, a POS will require a referral from your doctor to see a specialist. A PPO won’t need one, as you will be able to see outside services and a specialist for an additional fee. While, these plans do have some effect on the total price, the main way to determine the cost of your health insurance is looking at the “metal” type chosen.

Bronze, silver, gold and platinum will be your options to choose from. Looking at each metal, you’ll start to notice a trend as you move further into the glamorous “metals”. Bronze monthly premiums cost around 388 dollars; silver plans need 428 dollars a month; gold will demand for 507 dollars a month; and platinum requires the forfeiture of 583 a month for your needier medical needs.

The more you’ll pay in monthly premiums means you’ll have to pay less in out-of-pocket expenditures. This is why people with platinum plans typically need more medical needs, as they are able to have their health insurance cover most of the costs. An easier way to explain the costs is; bronze packages will have the health insurance company pay for 60 percent of the costs while you pay 40 percent. Typically, people with little medical needs choose bronze plans because they are only planning for the last resort.

Altogether, looking at health insurance packages rely on these two factors to determine what kind of care you’ll receive for the dedicated price. Certain health insurance companies want to make this process easier and more affordable. This is why they offer packages starting as low as 150 dollars. They want to make sure everyone in your family is insured and prevents the possibility of struggling post-recovery.

Health Insurance Protecting Families

Illinois has a uninsured rate constantly fluctuating, but, at the moment, it is set at 6.5 percent. This is 817,000 men, women and children who need coverage, but can’t acquire it. Most of the time people don’t have health insurance is because of the high costs health insurance companies administer. Thankfully, the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), helped people with less finances than others.

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The bill gave two prominent policies for families. The first being the out-of-pocket cap placed on you. Before, health insurance companies were able to stop paying your bills after a certain amount. Now, you only have to pay, at most, 14,700 dollars out-of-pocket a year. While this may seem like a high number to have to deal with, the benefits it provides balances it out.

Were you to have a family consisting of more than three children, your financial life just became a little easier. You no longer have to struggle trying to insure you, your partner and your four children. You’ll only have to pay for you, your partner and your three oldest children under 20. This means out of those four kids you have, you’ll only have to pay for three. However, were the oldest 21 years of age you’d need to pay for her individually and the next three oldest kids. Thankfully, this makes it easier for bigger families to cover all of their children. After all, children are incredibly clumsy and are injured the most from accidents or falls.

Protecting Your Children

Children are prone to injuries, it’s not there fault, they are still learning how to use their bodies. Of course, people can just be clumsy and they’ll never grow out of it, but health insurance is still as important either way. The number one reason children pass away is because of accidental injuries. However, most children still survive these accidents, but they might need to go to the hospital for care. Going without health insurance can cost you 2,300 dollars for a one-night stay in the hospital in Illinois.

This doesn’t even take into account the costs of healing a broken arm. Were your child in need of treatment for a broken arm without the use of surgery you’d need to cough out 2,500 dollars. If your child needs surgery for this broken arm, you’d need to drop 13,500 dollars for their rehabilitation. Understandably, not everyone has this type of money to pay for their recovery, this causes parents to take up more than one job or go into bankruptcy. Fortunately, this doesn’t need to be the case were you to partner with a reputable health insurance association.

The Importance of Coverage Today

Health insurance is a necessity in the modern world. The costs of medical treatment without the use of health insurance can be soul-crushing. No one should go into financial ruin because they needed medical treatment for something they couldn’t control. This is why Insurance Line One offers services starting as low as 150 dollars. Not only will you pay a significantly less price than the national average, but you’ll never be turned away because you missed the deadline.

Ensuring everyone acquires the coverage they need, they offer open enrollment throughout the year. Life can get busy and you might push it off until you have time available, this is fine. People have their own lives to live and they can get chaotic. However, completely ignoring health insurance is a dangerous life to live, not just for you but for your family as well. Don’t risk your family’s safety because other health insurance companies want to bleed your finances dry; work with people who want to help you survive.



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